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This Transformation Pic Will Blow Your Mind

male hand in the act of disclose the scene shifting the red curtain

And there’s not even a booty in it!

(Although in the WBBC, we do post a lot of those too.)

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I Hesitated to Join WBBC Too…Then Got 70 Signups in One Day – by Samantha Stine

Day 1

After getting our WBBC license…

We gained 45 CrossFitters after camp, and we just had our second enlistment day where 20 past troopers did their second camp and 50+ brand new troopers!

We will close out August with 220+ members in our box, we are adding square footage to our current space, and will most likely have $35k in GROSS!!

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Don’t Believe Me, Believe Them

lots of signups

Do the math…If YOU go the same kind of signups at your box as these gym owners are getting (34, 51, 73)… How much $$ would you be making in ONE DAY @ $249/signup….?

Join the revolution next Thursday at 10 AM Pacific time by signing up for the World’s Best Boot Camp webinar.

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What’s the Most Your Gym Can Make In One Day?


Want to know how these box owners have QUADRUPLED their highest earning day ever in just 2 months?

The Worlds’ Best Bootcamp Revolution is happening Thursday Aug 27th.

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Girls. Run. Shit – Part 2 (featuring Michelle Sutton)

michelle pic for blog

My doctors had warned me that I may never be able to do things that used much upper body strength again due to complications from the surgery.

Through the use of CrossFit® programming and training, I was able to regain strength and mobility that the doctors never expected me to have again.

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Girls. Run. Shit. – Part 1 (featuring Allie Timm)

Allie Girls Run Shit

Making women feel strong and empowered is the most fulfilling part of this job!

Another gal in the WBBC was a skinny gal whose husband told her she was not allowed to join CrossFit® because she might gain weight and be less attractive to him. I couldn’t believe this!

After a trip through our WBBC, she went from a nervous and frail woman to a super hot and RIPPED gal with some confidence.

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