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She’s BACK…

You might’ve seen a familiar face around this last week… And we wanted to let you hear all about it from the legend herself.

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Love Him or Hate Him…


Love him or hate him John Burch is doing something incredible. He’s helping affiliates gain athletes that would normally shy away from CrossFit® with his very effective World’s Best Boot Camp™

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What Our Consulting With You.. Taught Us – by Maggie Kennedy


We expect GREAT. We expect to work with gyms where people leave feeling like they just had the coolest gym experience of their life. Where athletes of all athletic ability feel CARED ABOUT.

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The Hail Mary of CrossFit® – by Michelle MenEndez

When was the last time you added 20 athletes to your roster in a month followed by 33 athletes the following month?

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Changing your Standard


We are redefining what the standard expectations are for Bring a Friend nights!

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The Most Dynamic Year – by the BIZ Team (Maggie, Lizzy & Dana)


Think way back to when Crossfit® had just started. It was controversial (and still is, let’s be honest). The world was not ready to accept that an 8min AMRAP was going to be as effective as 90 minutes on the treadmill… But..

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