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The Most Dynamic Year – by the BIZ Team (Maggie, Lizzy & Dana)

Think way back to when Crossfit® had just started. It was controversial (and still is, let’s be honest). The world was not ready to accept that an 8min AMRAP was going to be as effective as 90 minutes on the treadmill… But..

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That One Time, Most of Your Athletes Leave …. – by Allison Timm


What happens when 100 of your FAVORITE clients walk out of your gym and into the competitor’s that you dislike most?

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Give your Athletes the BEST – by Holly Leonard


But the reality is that most of our members come and train with us because they want to get lean, fit into their clothes, look better naked and have sex with the lights on!

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What’s a Silver Nano? – by Dave Timm


These athletes have different needs and goals than a 20-30 year old might have. And with Silver Nanos we allow them to feel fulfilled at the end of each class because everyone has a common goal and they are working towards that together.

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I Thought I was Disciplined until I Realized I Wasn’t, Part 2 – by Holly Leonard


This sounds like a simple one, but the truth is you probably don’t. But I’m willing to be you know your last Fran time or your deadlift PR. We are CrossFitters at heart. I get it.

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You’re Not Actually Busy – by Lizzy Ostro


Do you do your own accounting? Probably not. And why would you? It would take you HOURS upon hours (unless you’ve been educated on how to do this properly) to do it properly. Instead, I’ll bet you’ve chosen to use Quickbooks and/or have an accountant help you. Don’t leave this principle to only the things you don’t know how to do.

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