984090_10100534559046309_1750748235_nWhat? You’ve had someone awesome enough to GIVE YOU a Golden Ticket, but you haven’t redeemed it yet?

Not to worry – I’m here with the top 10 reasons that you should redeem your Golden Ticket by June 30th (that’s only 3 days away), and still benefit from the entire Free Trial from The BIZ!

#10 – Everyone else has redeemed theirs,…are you seriously planning on being the ONLY person that hasn’t?

#9 – I checked with Burch, and he said he’s definitely a go with washing your car (although, he ‘may’ have said “heck no” – I really can’t remember!)

#8 – Because I’ve upgraded from a frown to a smirk, and I’d like to be at a full smile by the end of the month.

#7 – All the cool kids are doing it!

#6- Seriously all of the cool kids – like Danielle from Lithium, and Dave Eisen from Lakas!

#5- Because if you’re reading this at your computer, then that probably means you’re at work…if you’re at work then you can’t be on vacation…and if you’re not on vacation then MAYBE you should redeem this ticket and make everyone’s life around you easier!

#4 -Because the last point, #5, was pretty awesome!

#3 – You still get the full trial (the whole kit ‘n kaboodle) even though you waited.  That’s right, either two weeks in The BIZ Tribe, a full month of ALL IN, or a month of BIZ  Mentoring.

#2 – Because if you go ALL IN – you get to have the eyes of Meghan, Chris, Amy and me (Tim) pushing you forward all the time! That’s pretty awesome in itself!

#1 – Because The BIZ material, platform, and system is the most effective and direct way to grow your box into a business, while helping the most people.

And if that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what else to say. But…you probably won’t be on vacation with us next summer either…

Please share your experiences with redeeming your The Golden Ticket below!