The Best of Mari

A few of Mari’s most memorable moments… with the best yet to come!


In just a few short months Mari has gone from CrossFit beginner to competing, aka CrossFit Badass.

Thrust This

Mari as she shares her version of a “light” workout.


The competition may be over but the show is just beginning!

Many Thanks to The Biz – by Chandler Jade

The last fourteen weeks have been about so much more than a fitness competition or tee shirt sales…

And the Winner is….

Like most things in life there can only be one winner.
Mari vs. Chandler Announced….

Go With Your Gut – by Chandler Jade

There will always be someone out there with more schooling than you, or more experience in a certain field, but you are the only expert on yourself – and yours is truly the most important opinion of all.

Mari Vs Chandler Episode 1 – MARI

Who exactly is this brunette beauty, and how did she come to be CrossFit’s newest evangelist? Check out the video to hear the story in her own words.

The Courage to Change the Things You Can – by Chandler Jade

If there is something I’ve learned from my brief experience with CrossFit, it’s to never lose sight of your goals, no matter how grand or small they may be. I can’t worry about my heart condition – that’s out of my control – but there are other things I can do to improve my health.

Just Not That Into You – by Erika Bucheli

Whatever the reason, remember that not everyone who walks through your doors, whose questions you answer or whose story you listen to will become your client. So it’s a good idea to be aware of the amount of time you invest in people who aren’t your students. If time is money, walk-ins and phone calls have the potential to make or break your paycheck.