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This Is the Craziest Video I’ve Ever Done – John Burch

living our dreams

This call was my favorite moment from all the years I’ve been in business, and luckily, it was captured on video.

But the group on this video call made INSTANT money from a brand new idea that my staff and I brainstormed in the moment.

(The tool that made these gym owners instant money is below the video – please steal it.)

Introducing SME CHRIS THORNDIKE of CrossFit Gainesville

To change his business, SME Chris Thorndike has had to overcome nearly EVERY obstacle any business has. He overcame them by mastering what The BIZ coaches, in addition to finding his own resources.

What Matters More Than Talent – by Hawa Macalou

Talented people can easily seduce themselves with their gifts if they’re not careful, and if they do, it will likely be to the detriment of important life choices.

The Art of Peaking – by Matt Fitzgerald

Traditionally, peaking has been thought of as an entirely physiological phenomenon. However, there is evidence that—at least for experienced athletes who are always very fit—peaking may be largely a psychological phenomenon.

Top 10 Ways to Lose Clients – By Jeff Stanek

Gyms that don’t acknowledge their weaknesses are bound to fail. Admit the problems you face, and take these 10 action steps to solve them.

Congrats Rich And Annie

Our salute to the Crossfit Games…

Video Interview

John Burch interviews Andy Thompson from CrossFit Hollywood to learn how he grew a HALF MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS IN LESS THAN 12 MONTHS with The BIZ system.