How to Make Your Gym UNPOACHABLE


When you own a gym, all these things are scary:

– your partner leaves
– your coaches leave
– a new box opens up down the st

Because if any of these guys takes your clients with them…

… then your business is in danger of closing.

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Advice From a Million Dollar Box Owner

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 11.54.37 AM

Brandon Couden of CrossFit Grandview did a million dollars in 2014. Watch this video to find out how.

UnF*cking Stoppable: Your Best Month Ever – by John Burch

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We’re all hell bent on blasting through our goals in April…

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Just One Dollar, No Joke – by The BIZ

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3 BIZ Scholarships for Veterans – by John Burch

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I’m going to be give away 3 BIZ Tribe SCHOLARSHIPS to veterans on Thursday, April 9th at 10 AM PST.

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From One Vet to Another – by John Burch


Transitioning from the military to running a business poses an unique set of challenges.

If you’re a vet who wants more tools and support from The BIZ at a special discounted rate, watch this video to hear more.

Don’t Be Someone Else’s Learning Curve – by John Burch

Stop Sign with word Scam

Don’t let fakers f*ck with your gym – you worked too hard for it.

Why I Lie About What I Love on a First Date – by Maggie Kennedy

dating secret

I dare you to go on a first date, tell them you CrossFit® and watch their reaction.

Advice on The Open You’ve Never Heard – by John Burch


Disagree with this advice about the Open…?

Maybe ask yourself, WHY?