Tim Gets His Man Card Pulled… by His Mom – by Tim Thackrey

tim and mom

I didn’t know what I was really doing business-wise… so I thought I was crushing it… So to show off, I had my parents come down to visit…. to see everything we’d created.

How to Enter Your Gym Like a BOSS – by Anna Chatillo

like a boss

You may not have the heaviest deadlift or the fastest “King Kong” time. Doesn’t matter – every time you open your gym doors, everyone—clients AND staff—know you are the baddest motherfucker around…right?

What it Really Takes to Be a Man (in the Eyes of a Woman) – by Lizzy Ostro

Photo Credit Ava Moore (fitforbride.com)

Yes, the amount of weight you snatched is awesome…..but it doesn’t make you more of a man?

But Daddy, I’m Hungry – by John Burch

daddy hungry 2

Struggling business owners are faced with the very real fact that if business doesn’t happen, their children won’t eat.

I’d much rather meet you now than later if your business fails or you have to tell your kids they have to wait to eat and you’re MORE panicked for help.

You Don’t Need a Better Checklist – by Jesse Hilmandolar

muscle-ups fail

You Don’t Need A Better Checklist; you just need to do the shit that’s on your checklist, and you need to do it right, THE FIRST TIME.

FEAR THE BEARD: Best Manes of CrossFit® – by Anna Chatilo


With a great beard comes great responsibility… Here are some of the ruggedly handsome beards of CrossFit®.

Seven Ways to Get Everyone to Do Everything – by Dana Eliassen


Buzzfeed is as popular as they are for a reason. And I’m not saying this is the only tactic that works, but I AM saying it WORKS.

Are You a Kid Playing at Running a Business? – by Amy Crawford

kid lifting
We are adults who GSD! So why do we sometimes act like kids?

A Cacophony of Bullshit – by Hawa Macalou


The important reminder here is to not let ourselves be intimidated by MARKETING or BUSINESS, assuming that to be effective we have to change who we are—or dull down how we present ourselves.

To Get Them or to Keep Them? – by Tim Thackrey


We should never let our heads get so far down in concentration that we get stuck in only one perspective.