10 Most Underrated CrossFit® Movements – by Maggie Kennedy

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Are you skipping these movements in your programming because they remind you too much of a globogym workout…?

Then you’re missing 10 opportunities to maximize your athletes’ strength and health.

A Video a Day: Day 1 – by John Burch

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Day 1 of 365 days of FREE videos from Burch to help you run your dream box.

Build-A-Booty: My Top 5 Exercises to Build Better Glutes – by Lizzy Ostro

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Here are my Top 5 Favorite Exercises to Help Build the Booty:

5 Simple & Easy Mobility Tricks that Will Change Your Life – by Maggie Kennedy

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Not finding the time to mobilize was affecting my workouts and my happiness and started to affect my ability to coach.

So I came up with 5 Simple Tricks into my daily life to prevent injury, and I became stronger.

Double Your Athletes – by John Burch

kettlebellsWant to double the number of athletes at your box?

Go to doubleyourathletes.com to watch my free video.

Are You a Liar? – by Amy Crawford


You know, those little white lies?

You may think that they’re not hurting anyone … but in reality, they’re hurting YOU.

UNPOACHABLE – Fend off Attacks from Aggressive Local Gyms – by John Burch


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“Saving the Children” Starts with YOU – by Maggie Kennedy

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The other day when I was hanging out with some kids who are from a CrossFit® family, they asked if we could play, “Run Around and Do Burpees”

….. How many kids these days will do that?

Did I mention they were a 3 year old and 1 year old, both girls?

They then proceeded to show me how to squat :-)

3 Must-Have APPS to Make #Boxlife Easier – by Jason Donaldson

The Great Reset Disappearing Jobs

If you’re anything like me, genius can strike at any time. And if you’re really like me, those nuggets of inspiration can disappear just as quickly as they popped into your head.

Never lose your great ideas again…

Train for 2015 Like An Endurance Athlete – by Amy Crawford

In a prior life, I was a pretty high level endurance athlete, racing mountain bikes on a national factory team.

In planning for 2015 (you’re well on your way to doing that already, right?!?), you can take a similar approach. There needs to be some logic (some strategic planning of sorts) in how your business year is going to look.

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