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Who You Callin’ a B*tch? – Hawa Macalou


If you fear being called a bitch for holding your ground, or if you’re mad that you get labeled one just because you’re a capable woman…

Here is my advice about the unavoidable reality of being called a bitch (in 2 parts):

From Almost Closing to One Million Dollars – by John Burch


How did Alli and Dave go from almost closing to one of The BIZ’s biggest success stories in 6 months?

I’ll answer that at the CASE STUDY webinar tomorrow…

Girls. Run. Shit – Part 2 (featuring Michelle Sutton)

michelle pic for blog

My doctors had warned me that I may never be able to do things that used much upper body strength again due to complications from the surgery.

Through the use of CrossFit® programming and training, I was able to regain strength and mobility that the doctors never expected me to have again.

Girls. Run. Shit. – Part 1 (featuring Allie Timm)

Allie Girls Run Shit

Making women feel strong and empowered is the most fulfilling part of this job!

Another gal in the WBBC was a skinny gal whose husband told her she was not allowed to join CrossFit® because she might gain weight and be less attractive to him. I couldn’t believe this!

After a trip through our WBBC, she went from a nervous and frail woman to a super hot and RIPPED gal with some confidence.

What Are You Working For? – by John Burch

Before i die

In this video, I tell you one of my deepest motivators to have a successful business…

After you watch it, think about your own.

Then join us Thursday at 10 AM PDT for the online webinar if this describes you…

Pursue Excellence – by Jason Donaldson


As the great Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Think about that quote…..

Are you truly helping people get what THEY want?

The Hardest Thing in CrossFit® – by Dana Eliassen


What would you say is the hardest part of CrossFit®?

Eating right? Mobility? The Snatch?

I know I can relate to all of these (especially the Snatch!).

But personally I’ve found the hardest thing is not being able to train due to injury.

Are You Living Like a Loser? – by Hawa Macalou

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Want to know whether you are living like a winner or a loser right now?

Ask yourself this:

Am I failing to take a chance right now because I’m scared?

How to Make Your Gym UNPOACHABLE


When you own a gym, all these things are scary:

– your partner leaves
– your coaches leave
– a new box opens up down the st

Because if any of these guys takes your clients with them…

… then your business is in danger of closing.