Jennifer “Miss Awesome” Shoskes

Ready for a change of scenery and pace, and for a dose of “big city” living, I moved from West Bloomfield, Michigan to Los Angeles, in 2004. With this big move, came a change in careers… from high school math teacher to outsides sales rep for ADP (Automatic Data Processing, Inc.)  This was a ‘job’ for me, a way to make money, put food on the table, and support myself, but it was never truly my passion.  The job meant many long hours at my desk and behind the wheel of my car, and though it was exciting, it brought a lot of stress into my life.  As a result, after just a few years in LA, I fell into the worst shape of my adult life.  Though only about 20 pounds overweight, I had lost confidence in my appearance – which showed in how I presented myself both in my personal life and at work.  I also knew that if I wanted to live a long and healthy life, this was NOT the way to do it.

Growing up, I had been involved in dance, sports and exercise and in high school, was very active, participating in cheerleading, gymnastics and weightlifting. I considered myself to be in great shape, even though I regularly battled weight issues.  In college (Michigan State University), my workouts became less consistent.  While I enjoyed the perks of working out (looking better, feeling more energetic, losing weight), I did not enjoy my fitness workouts, which consisted of traditional cardio and weight exercises.  Thus began my slow decline in my health and fitness.

My life took an unexpected twist in 2005 when I met Andy Petranek at a professional business networking group.  He was the President and fitness “guru”, and I immediately knew he was someone I could turn to for guidance since the past 10 years of yo-yo dieting and exercise wasn’t working.

The personal training I did with Andy over the next two was some of the most difficult of my life.  Workouts that pushed me to the edge, warm-ups that felt like complete workouts, and performance improvements unlike any I’d ever experienced.  I was challenged, invigorated and motivated like never before, often taking an extra 90 minutes of driving time in a full work day to get my training in.

A few years in, I transitioned to Andy’s group CrossFit program and made a commitment to CrossFitting three times per week. I also conquered things such as pull ups, push ups from my toes and rope climbs.  Next came the diet – first Jenny Craig, which did bring me some success, but after more weight fluctuations than I care to remember, I went “Paleo.”  Over the course of the next year and a half, I completely transformed my body and life.  I had finally found the thing that could get me in the best shape of my life and allow me to do things I had previously thought were impossible.  In fact, I got such great results, and was so excited about what I was doing with Andy and CrossFit LA, I decided to make it my profession.

That’s how I came to work with The BIZ in 2008. I loved the fact that coaching Crossfit in the best box also allowed me to learn the system that would eventually help hundreds of affiliates. Back then The BIZ program wasn’t as robust as it is now and I did it in conjunction with my managing CrossFit LA. Gradually I started working more with John Burch, eventually doing 100% of the production for the live Raise Your Game! seminars. The success of our affiliates in the Mentoring Program afforded me an opportunity I couldn’t pass up and now I’m full time The BIZ. I bring 3 years as manager of CrossFit LA to each and every interaction with the Affiliates I coach.

Today, I am CrossFit Level 1 Certified, Olympic Weightlifting Certified and Nutrition Certified.  As a coach, I am committed to helping students accomplish things for the first time, do things they never thought possible and transform their bodies and lives!  I see from first hand experience how literally anything is possible and am committed to sharing this experience by helping others achieve it.


Jennifer “Ms. Awesome” Shoskes –  BIZ Lifeline Consulting

Non-Mentoring/All-In/Tribe On-Site Lifeline is $5,000 + travel expenses
Non-Mentoring/All-In/Tribe Phone-A-Friend Lifeline is $200 per hour

If you’re a member of The BIZ Tribe, ALL IN or the Mentoring Program you get it for 1/2 off.