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Who Else Wants John Burch’s Team Focused Like A Laser Beam On Their Business… Blasting Through Problems And Revealing Cutting Edge Tools You Can Implement Immediately?

Now… if you have the guts to face the truth behind what it takes to learn the wealth-generating skills of the best in the business… you too can get coaching from the “top dog” himself!

Until now, only a handful of affiliate owners and coaches have been allowed to join this “one-of-a-kind” group that practically guarantees you outrageous success in life and business.

It’s for serious box owners and entrepreneurs only, and it will take you deep into the world of profits and success faster than you ever dreamed possible.


From Jennifer Shoskes, Burch’s long-time Associate and manager of CrossFit LA: If you’re craving no-holds-barred time with John Burch and me…… with us laser-like focused on internalizing your complete situation, and going deep with you on every relevant detail…… to get you doing what you’re great at – COACHING – as fast as possible…… here is your chance to take your business — and your life — to the max.BUT!!! We can only fit a limited few people into our hectic schedules each month. So this offer is strictly limited to people who will squeeze every ounce of juice out of this one-of-a-kind opportunity.Who needs this kind of super-intense mentoring?
  • Veteran affiliate owners who’ve hit a plateau and need to break through…
  • Rookies looking to launch their box or career with the full force of The BIZ Team watching their back…
  • Coaches who need experienced help with creating systems, measuring and managing the rights numbers, team building and accountability…
  • And anyone in business who knows that getting to hang tight with John and I can kick-start the most exciting adventures of their life.

Like I said earlier, we’re only taking carefully chosen clients on this wild and highly-profitable ride each month. And I want you to have an opportunity to grab one of the slots.

If, that is, you think a blast of super-intensive mentoring with us might offer the kind of “unfair advantages” that — like so many others before — can help you…

  • unplug profit-stopping points…
  • find easier ways to train and manage your team…
  • help you increase your DOWNTIME…
  • make more sales with processes that work…
  • and outstrip your competition by a country mile.


However, we’re not taking in folks on any “first come” basis.

Nope. We want this to be as powerful and exciting as possible…

… and so we’re doing some serious qualifying. (More on that later).

This is what players and up-and-comers pray for… because one piece of advice… or one new tool… or one edgy tactic… can be (in the right hands)…

Worth A Lifetime Of Money-Making

So… are you in?

If you are serious about learning the secrets of world-class affiliate owners… so you can put it all to use in your own life… then you should already have made up your mind here.

Here’s what’s on offer:

“12 month Team building, Marketing and Business Growth Plan – AKA The MENTORING PROGRAM”

If you believe that coaching can help (and it does with a lot of people) and that you’re determined to chart a different course – or just get there faster – you can join this group, dive into your problems, follow solid solutions based on our long experience on the front lines of the business and marketing worlds.

Here’s how it works: You’ll fill out a tool (called the Bullet Proof Checklist) that we send you to give us an understanding of where you are now, laying out all your burning questions, your pressing issues, and where you want to focus over the first 12 months. From there, a call is set up and that’s when we roll up our sleeves.

John and I will both devour this. We’ll get our brains whirring into action, using our years of vast experience to create new and exciting answers to your questions.

Then you’ll get on the phone with John and/or me for an hour of undivided attention.  You can stick to the questionnaire topics or jump to something new if we knock those off and you have time (and mental energy) to cover more ground.

For an entire hour, whatever problem or situation that’s holding you back will be deconstructed… figured out… solved and delivered to you in an easily implementable plan (that you can put into action immediately).

This isn’t “brainstorming.” This is about fixing problems and kick-starting your business system so you can IMMEDIATELY see results.

We have a jaw-dropping 23+ years between us in hands-on, front-line business experience and entrepreneurial problem-solving.

We are notorious for demolishing problems that have held up business owners for years… and for seeing the pitfalls and wrong turns you haven’t even confronted yet, while clearly mapping out a simple plan to skip the bad stuff and reach your goals in record time (unscathed).

Key advantage: We INSIST on giving you the unfiltered advice – that is IF you are coachable. The method by which we coach is to help you face the brutal facts… and then give you the tools to fix any problems.

BUT, that takes thick skin.

You will receive:

  • Monthly Tools: The calendar year is broken up into quarterly themes which are further broken down into monthly tools (Example: Client Appreciation Month, Holiday Campaign). We provide tools, templates and a plan for facilitation and implementation on an on-going basis.
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls: These calls are the action plan for the monthly tool, covered in the monthly conference call, made manageable with weekly assignments. The effectiveness of the calls is determined by the amount of affiliate participation. Goals and objectives will be discussed in an atmosphere of safety and shared language specific to The BIZ program.
  • Weekly Office Hours: One hour each week during which affiliate owners get total access to one of our BIZ Coaches. These calls are done in a group conference call format during which one person gets coaching and questions answered while others listen in.
  • Discussion Forum: Share, inspire and commiserate with people who are going through similar challenges. More often than not, the answers an affiliate owner is searching for can be found in the forums.
  • Weekly Business Numbers Accountability Analysis: The affiliate owner submits an accountability spreadsheet daily via email and is held accountable to their goals. Based on analysis of the numbers, we focus on items that need attention and give steps to improve those areas.
  • Bullet Proof Checklist: Twice each year, the affiliate owner evaluates his entire business by reviewing the Bullet Proof Checklist, a self-scoring tool, with a BIZ Staff member. From the Checklist, the next immediate steps will be prescribed to affect the business.
  • Quality Control Visit Discounts: Get in-person expert analysis by inviting us into your box for 2 days.  Day one consists of us watching everything, for the full day. We review classes, intros, interactions, and private lessons. We will weigh in on best use of your space, design, website stickiness, membership packages and all collateral materials. You, your coaches and the rest of your team will get scrutinized. Essentially EVERYTHING that is involved with your box will be touched. Day two will consist of us guest coaching your classes, which you can have your coaches partake in. At the end of the day, your entire team will sit down for a review of all notes. The review portion can take up to 2 hours or longer. Price is $5000 + travel expenses and accommodations, payable ahead of time. Participants in the BIZ Mentoring program only pay $2500 + travel expenses and accommodations.

And finally, you get to be part of a group of affiliate owners that is leading the charge – the tip of the spear – the most professional boxes in the world!

This intense program (completely focused on helping you NOT be a slave to your business) is $9,540… which you will pay in monthly installments of $795.

This INCLUDES everything you get in the BIZ TRIBE

Which immediately becomes a screaming bargain when you implement just ONE of the ideas you get.

How much – for example – is it worth to you to dramatically increase the number and quality of prospects coming to you?

… or to increase your conversions of intros to clients…

… to sell more…

… to finally have a duplicate so you can take weekends off, if you want (who doesn’t want that?!?)

… and to max out your potential with all of the marketing tactics and sales-funnel boosters you aren’t using now (or don’t yet understand how to implement)?


Prerequisite: You must be in The BIZ Tribe for at least 4 months prior to applying for Mentoring.

Still… you need to qualify.

Because this isn’t for everyone. And not everyone who applies will be accepted. (We guard our reputations like a rottweiler guards his home. We refuse to let in anyone we don’t believe we can help 100%.)

But the only way to find out is to apply.

Here’s what you need to do now: I’ve set up a survey that will give us the basics on your business and your current situation. This survey will take you around 5 minutes or so to fill out.

After you fill it out, we’ll contact you by phone, to answer any questions you may still have.

There’s one small catch here: Because time is such a factor here, we need to be absolutely positive you’re serious about this.

So, we’re asking that you submit a completely refundable $295 deposit before you get to the survey.

You do not risk a penny of that money, nor is there any obligation on your part.

We’re only asking for the deposit to be sure that only serious applicants get to the survey.

If either you or I decide this isn’t right for you, you will be quickly refunded that deposit.

That’s fair. You know me and my company. We’re total straight-shooters. We’re just trying to expedite the process for serious applicants.

Ready To Go?

Step #1: Just click the link, and use your credit card for your refundable deposit:



Step #2: You’ll be sent to the survey immediately after laying down your deposit. Please fill it out completely, and things will happen quickly after that.

Step #3: We’re getting in touch with people as soon as we can after they’ve filled out the survey. (John and I are handling the calls personally.)

Step #4: If, after the survey or the phone call, you decide this isn’t for you, or we don’t think you’re a good fit, we will immediately refund your $295 deposit. And we’ll part friends.

That’s it.

If you’re excited by this opportunity, it’s time to move.

You risk nothing by taking the survey… however, you risk missing out on what could be the best business advice you’ve ever gotten if you hesitate.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Jennifer Shoskes


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