To Get Them or to Keep Them? – by Tim Thackrey


We should never let our heads get so far down in concentration that we get stuck in only one perspective.

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Hard Work Sometimes Pays Off – Part 2 by Amy Crawford

amy pullup

Here are three changes that turned things around for us at CrossFit Blacksburg…

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How to Date a Non-CrossFit® Athlete – by Anna Chatilo

Can CrossFit® Athletes date people who don’t do CrossFit®?


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Girls Run Shit (behind the scenes at The BIZ)

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 11.26.55 AM

Behind every BAMF man there are some BAMF ladies killing it behind the scenes… Watch Jen, Anna and Lizzy give you a sneak peek inside The BIZ.

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Before We Were Hot – by Anna Chatilo

AndreaAger - beforeafter

Goodbye skinny and slender… and hello traps, six-packs and ASSES. Check out these sick before/after shots. Then feel free to post your own!

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Why You Don’t Need an On-Ramp Part 2 – by Jason Donaldson

On-Ramp Part 2

Now, if it isn’t safe for someone to jump straight into one of your classes without doing an on-ramp, I’d ask, what the hell is wrong with your program?

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Video Interview

Me and Chad Briscoe, owner of the Station on 10th

Get them with Hello – by Erika Bucheli

jonny from pasadena

Video Interview – Crossfit Pasadena Affiliate Success


Get them with Hello – Part 2: Who’s your type? – by Erika Bucheli

Holiday pic

Crush the holidays

Tim Thackery

Pimped Out Affiliate

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