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Are You a Kid Playing at Running a Business? – by Amy Crawford

kid lifting
We are adults who GSD! So why do we sometimes act like kids?

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A Cacophony of Bullshit – by Hawa Macalou


The important reminder here is to not let ourselves be intimidated by MARKETING or BUSINESS, assuming that to be effective we have to change who we are—or dull down how we present ourselves.

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Hard Work Sometimes Pays Off – Part 2 by Amy Crawford

amy pullup

Here are three changes that turned things around for us at CrossFit Blacksburg…

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How to Date a Non-CrossFit® Athlete – by Anna Chatilo

Can CrossFit® Athletes date people who don’t do CrossFit®?


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Girls Run Shit (behind the scenes at The BIZ)

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 11.26.55 AM

Behind every BAMF man there are some BAMF ladies killing it behind the scenes… Watch Jen, Anna and Lizzy give you a sneak peek inside The BIZ.

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Before We Were Hot – by Anna Chatilo

AndreaAger - beforeafter

Goodbye skinny and slender… and hello traps, six-packs and ASSES. Check out these sick before/after shots. Then feel free to post your own!

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sleeping at box

Secrets of the 6 AM’ers – Jarron Vosburg

Stop Sign with word Scam

Don’t Be Someone Else’s Learning Curve – by John Burch


FEAR THE BEARD: Best Manes of CrossFit® – by Anna Chatilo

AndreaAger - beforeafter

Before We Were Hot – by Anna Chatilo


Exclusive – Dmitry Klokov Interview Part 1


Stand On Our Shoulders: A Look At The World’s Best Boot Camp

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