Yesterday, the CEO of T-Mobile took down this tweet:

“These high and mighty duopolists [Verizon & ATT] that are raping you for every penny you have … the[y]  f—— hate you.”

Apparently, the CEO (John Legere) got shit for swearing and being polemical, but I don’t think he should have recanted.

He was actually doing us all a favor by talking like a normal person instead of like a corporate drone.

Many of us who are not “corporate” types will shy away from all things MARKETING and BUSINESS because we associate both with stuffiness and fakery.

But if we “non-businessy” types continue to be business-averse, we’ll never get more effective at:

– getting clients

– keeping clients

– making money

– changing lives

All of these are worthy goals, but they require us to learn marketing techniques—despite any apprehensions that learning “marketing” will require us to be pretend to be someone we aren’t.

Luckily (and Legere’s rant is a good reminder of this), it’s an outdated idea that, to be successful at running a business, you have to wear suits and bore everybody with grammatically correct corporate-speak.

This is 2014. You can talk however you want now.

You can say what you really think.

You can piss people off.

You can swear.

You can wear normal clothes.

You can wear weird clothes.

You can wear gym clothes!

(I mean, Steve Jobs made way more money than you and me – and this is how he dressed.)

steve's jeans

It’s official: casual, colloquial and colorful do NOT equal “unprofessional”.

Here’s a relevant example:

Last year, a hater accused The BIZ of being “unprofessional” because he thought Launchgasm was too racey.

He was inaccurate. The BIZ is a lot of things, but we are not unprofessional.

Irreverent, yes.

Blunt, often.

Edgy… sometimes.

But none of those qualities are “unprofessional”.

This is what’s unprofessional:

– Not returning calls and messages within 24 hours

– Making false claims in your advertising

– Delivering crap products that add no value

– Breaking contracts

The important reminder here is to not let ourselves be intimidated by MARKETING or BUSINESS, assuming that to be effective we have to change who we are—or dull down how we present ourselves.

Personal style and voice are NOT what make a professional; professionalism is about running your business with integrity.

In fact, the more authentic and unique we are in how we express ourselves, the better chance we have of genuinely connecting with our markets.

There will always be haters trying to keep us following the old rules… but the uptight schoolmarms are on their way out anyway.

You can watch the highlights of Legere’s latest rant here (including my new favorite phrase: “a cacophony of bullshit”.)

And then you can start embracing marketing by learning here how to Double Your Athletes.

You’ll learn how to

– get more clients

– keep more clients

– make more money

– become an all around marketing badass

(You can also swear as much as you want in your marketing copy. Burch certainly does.)

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