Let’s be honest… Sometimes you feel like you don’t know what the f**k you’re doing.

Here’s what a typical affiliate owner can expect:

  • Isolation: It’s fun sitting alone in a dark room crunching last quarter’s numbers to see if you’ve managed to break even, isn’t it?
  • Loneliness: I had a mentoree break down and cry the other day because she’s so flooded with work obligations she hasn’t been on a date in a year.
  • Alienation: When’s the last time you made a big decision about your business without talking it over with someone more experienced? No pressure! Just your livelihood at stake.

These are all scary feelings, so don’t be embarrassed if you recognize any of them.You may think what you need is more help. What you really need is more SUPPORT.

Burch here…

This year will bring SEVERAL boxes that we work with to the
$1M revenue mark.

That’s fucking HUGE and AWESOME!

And I want YOU to be part of it.

But we’re not satisfied with just that.

Jen and I have spent SO many hours developing brand new tools for next year’s success.

Here’s why…

One of the best rewards since I started The BIZ is all the feedback we get about how much Tribe members value the relationships they build and the support they get.

But this is by far the most exciting thing we’ve noticed so far:

  • In the past year, Tribe members have connected with other boxes in The Tribe in ways
    that have surprised ALL OF US.
  • We’ve always been a strong community, but lately The Tribe has grown into something more…  It’s started to feel like a family.

Which made us start asking,”How can we help BIZ Tribers get even MORE VALUE out
of our family?”

This is the result:

TA-DA-DA! Introducing The All In Program!!!

Enhanced Support for Tribe Members through Monthly, Weekly
and Daily Access to The BIZ’s Subject Matter Experts

This is how it works.

  • When you join an All In group, you are assigned to a particular Subject Matter Expert (SME).
  • We keep each group small on purpose (30-35 affiliates at the most) so that you have access to your Subject Matter Expert and can get to know the other members of your group.
  • Your assigned SME provides you and your group with extra support via phone, email and Facebook.


  • 1. All the awesome stuff that’s happening in The BIZ Tribe!
  • 2. DAILY FACEBOOK SUPPORT from your SME and ALL IN group: Goals and objectives are discussed in an atmosphere of safety and shared language specific to The BIZ program.
  • 3. WEEKLY EMAIL SUPPORT from your Subject Matter Expert: Here’s your chance to get a World Class Business Coach to look at your plans BEFORE you execute them.
  • 4. MONTHLY GROUP COACHING CALLS with your Subject Matter Expert: These calls add a competitive element to the social suport you get with your ALL IN membership. The competitive element of the monthly leaderboard of gym numbers keeps you accountable to the goals you’ve set for yourself. Group contests to excel at various business tasks keep you motivated too.
  • 5. ANYTIME EMERGENCY SUPPORT: When you have a pressing issue, you get the privilege to call a SME’s cell. (Don’t abuse it yo!) And, don’t sit up at night worrying about your decisions.

ALL IN Success Story


Here’s what Carol and Joe had to say…

“We have been a part of the BIZ Tribe for roughly two years. For various dumb excuses, we did nothing with it for over a year. Why? We ask ourselves that question all the time. It could be any reason… you fill in the blank. If you could learn from us, our best advice is: don’t let anything get in the way. Use the tools provided by The BIZ (right away!) and they will help your business succeed.”

“When we finally made the decision to use what was available to us and went ALL IN, we never looked back. The BIZ Tribe tools help you laser focus on all aspects of your business from gym set up to client management to running an intro session. The simple recipe is laid out for you. All you have to do is be diligent and follow it. Meghan Russell, Amy Crawford and Jesse Hilmandolar have been our own personal mentors in The ALL IN Program. They are all from very successful CrossFit businesses and are very knowledgeable, motivational and extremely supportive in working the program. In just nine months, our gross revenue increased by more than 100%. Last month was yet another revenue PR for us.”

“We highly recommend The BIZ tools and The ALL IN Program to any business owner that wants to run a quality program and, at the same time, a successful box. Our only regret is that we wasted a whole year before we really implemented the tools that were right at our fingertips. If we had it to do over again…we would never have wasted that year. Thank you so much to John Burch and Jennifer Shoskes and a very special thanks to Meghan, Amy and Jesse for all of your help.”

Carol and Joe Tamayo
Owners, CrossFit Force

Some things you should know about THESE TWO:

It’s okay to want more communication than just your Tribe affiliate partner.

And… you’re smart to get increased access to Subject Matter Experts, Amy and Jase. It will give you the rare opportunity to learn from top performing affiliate owners who’ve mastered The BIZ tools.

  • AMY CRAWFORD (SWMBO) of CrossFit Blacksburg
    BIZ Most Improved Business 2012
  • JASON DONALDSON (Jase) of The Cell Real Fitness
    BIZ Business of the Year 2010

When you get monthly calls, weekly email support, daily Facebook communication and emergency access to these five via phone — you’ll be able to use THE BEST in The BIZ as a sounding board for your ideas.

(These guys have already proven themselves with MULTIPLE consulting hours — they’ve gotten results for peeps).

How do you make SURE you get this All In attention?


Going All In with us is just $429/month
(and you get The Tribe too)!


TOTAL SEATING IS LIMITED TO 175 boxes — we’ve ALREADY sold out
of over 115 seats, who got in on a special option.

ALL IN Success Story


Here’s what Donovan had to say about his experience going ALL IN:

“A year ago today, Jeremy Feldman and I started CrossFit Frequency with high hopes. We used the BIZ methodologies from day 1 and I am proud to say that after one year of operations, we BLEW AWAY our projections. Our BHAG was to hit the $20k per month mark with 100 members. At the 1 year mark, we currently have 180 members and hit over $25k in revenue last month. We have PRed every month since we opened and aren’t looking to stop anytime soon!! BIG Thank You to The BIZ & Tim Thackrey for all of your help! BIG Thank You to The BIZ & Tim Thackrey for all of your help!”

Donovan Rider
Co-owner, CrossFit Frequency

Don’t underestimate how much being part of a supportive community is impacting your productivity right now.

You always get less accomplished working alone because you:

  • — don’t have the motivating perspective shifts that come from outside inspiration.
  • — aren’t able to quickly get something off your chest — so it lingers and distracts.
  • — get more and more discouraged by internally talking yourself into a rut.

ALL IN Success Story


Here’s what Karen has to say…

“Since joining The ALL IN Program, I now fully value my time as a professional. I don’t feel obligated to react to every email, phone call, text, etc. immediately. I focus my energy on the concerns that are going to benefit my business, my clients & me the most.”

“I have much more confidence in my ability as a coach and as a business owner. As a result, even hard decisions are easier because I have the backbone to stand behind them. The BIZ has provided the resources and support system that I needed to bolster my vision for my CrossFit business.”

“The most impressive part of The BIZ is the quality of the people that are associated with it. From the leadership, SMEs to the other Tribe members, everyone I have met through The BIZ has been full of good information and ideas for growing a CrossFit business, removing friction for other affiliate owners, making classes fun and productive and just about any other subject I could have possibly thought to ask about.”

“I like how The BIZ pushes you to go beyond your comfort zone and challenges you to continually “Raise Your Game.” We’ve always aspired to be the best CrossFit gym and now we have the framework, guidance & support to make that happen.”

Karen Katzenbach
Owner, 30A CrossFit


Think of it this way:

  • Support gives you energy, which leads to productivity.
  • Great consulting is key to preventing getting drained.

This is something I have a lot of experience with.
As you can probably guess if you’ve ever attended
a BIZ seminar, few people ever see me in a
drained state.

  • — I had a consulting client tell me once that I’m
    like a “battery that he plugs into” and he leaves
    every meeting recharged and raring to go back
    to his business.
  • — Mentorees email me about how inspiring
    our weekly calls are.
  • — Tribe members Facebook me about how
    rejuvenated they feel after a quarterly call.

Being able to take someone from STUCK to FULL-SPEED-AHEAD is not something that comes naturally for me — I worked at it over the past 20 years I spent running my own martial arts businesses and growing fitness boxes, and I have been teaching what I learned about consulting to some of my top performing affiliates — The BIZ SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS.

This year, we’re giving the truly dedicated the option to have an even bigger level of access to the SMEs with:


Think of ALL IN as the bridge between The BIZ Tribe and our One-on-One Consulting.

This program gives you THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

ALL IN includes some of the individual guidance
you would get with our higher priced BIZ Mentoring Program. The BIZ will look at your numbers, for example, and strategize specifically for your box.

But ALL IN is also a virtual group program at a MUCH LOWER PRICE POINT, so you’re not spending the same premium rates you would for our Mentoring Program. We added even more community, for those who need it.

One of the reasons our Subject Matter Experts are such great mentors is because THEY’VE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES.

There isn’t a problem they haven’t solved at their own businesses or helped others solve in theirs.  (We’ve got
to warn you, though, affiliates they’ve worked with have said it was the most HONEST feedback they have ever received!)

Both of them know firsthand the benefits of personalized advice:

  • — immediate change jump-started
  • — real time troubleshooting
  • — emotional blocks broken through
  • — regained confidence
  • — renewed perspective
  • — a sympathetic ear
  • — and of course — a much needed kick in the butt!


Seriously, this is YOU in the future.


Or, I should say, this COULD be you in the future — that’s up to you.

Amy and Jason are superstars, no doubt.

But make sure you don’t idealize them just because they’ve accomplished something you may have not achieved yet.

I’ll give you an example.

When people talk to me about Andy Petranek they use what I call the “ANDY EXCUSE”
all the time:

  • “Yeah, well Andy’s successful because he’s, you know —ANDY,” they say.
  • “I’m not that exceptional,” they argue. “I just don’t have that special thing Andy has.”

Well, Andy actually had a lot of weaknesses to overcome to get where he is today —
just like you and me.

And ALL of our other SMEs started out with their own limitations, too:

Struggling with a contentious partnership?
Jase has survived to tell the tale and teach some lessons.

Trying to keep your revenue up in a small town with seasonal fluctuations?
Amy figured out how to dominate consistently in the most challenging of conditions.

Neither of them had extraordinary advantages or superhuman talent.

Jase was hemmed in by an unsustainable semi-private training model and obstacles created by labor laws in Australia.

Amy is in Virginia, where nobody does any real business.

Yes, to be fair, Amy and Jase are extraordinary.
But until they had extra SUPPORT from The BIZ, they were both JUST AS STUCK AS YOU.

I only have so much bandwidth for consulting more and my rates have become too expensive for most people.

That’s why I trained my SME team to duplicate me – to give more people more access to the kind of support that they had – and that Andy had growing CrossFit LA.

Once 175 spots are filled, that’s it, there won’t be any more admittance to the All In Program
for the next 12 months. If making a slightly bigger commitment feels a little scary, that’s normal. No discomfort, no growth. But that’s why it’s so great to have a community of Tribe peers who understand what you’re going through and are in it with you.


ALL IN Success Story



“The BIZ has impacted my life by holding me accountable and helping me stay on track with running a successful business. The ALL IN group has had a major impact on my daily life and one of the biggest benefits is improving my “get them” activities! I’m most impressed by the level of accountability and the knowledge of the leaders that we have access to on a daily basis.”

Sherman Merricks
Owner, Dynasty CrossFit

How cool is it going to be when YOU’RE the one writing a testimonial like Sherman’s?
Looking forward to getting you there.

Keep up the great coaching,



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