Amy's Front SquatI have always been involved in athletics in one way or another. I’ve been a competitor.  I’ve raced mountain bikes on a national team.  I’ve helped athletes (middle school up to Olympians) deal with injuries, with my degree in sports medicine and Athletic Training certification.  And, I’ve been a strength coach for various high school sports…including coaching a football player to a 770# back squat.

CrossFit entered my life in the fall of 2006.  I was “working out,” but wasn’t training for anything in particular.  A coach at our local globo gym and I would chat a lot (she was a nationally ranked Olympic weightlifter, and I was the crazy lady who liked to do pull ups), and she told me to check out the main site.  I visited the site, I did a workout, and I fell in love.  Now CrossFit competitions are my passion (although I do still throw my leg over my bike, and try to hit little white balls into 18 different holes in the ground occasionally)!  And while I’m not the youngest competitor out there, I can hold my own in local and regional competitions.

Amy & Neil Sailing

On to business….Fast forward a couple of years: my husband, Neil, and one of my dear friendsconvinced me to start training people.  A classic CrossFit tale, our 2-car garage was my first training space, then 800 square feet.  I really enjoyed helping people, but I had no idea what I was doing business-wise.  After a few months, I was concerned that I would have to close my doors because I wasn’t making any money.  Through fate, I was awarded a scholarship position for me and Neil to attend a BIZ seminar at CrossFit LA (with none other than fellow SMEs Meghan and Chris, WBSME Anthony, and general BA Najla) that April.

Amy Muscle Up

Once the BIZ principles were instituted (in part), the business started to grow.  We grossed $150k in ’10 and finished with about 150clients.  As the BIZ plan slowly crept into CrossFit Blacksburg, we finished ’11 at over $200k gross and 190 members.  I finally decided to go All In with the BIZ model in 2012 and the year was spectacular, with CrossFit Blacksburg winning The BIZ: Raise Your Game Most Improved Business!The girls picking a x-mas tree

My family has benefited greatly from what I’ve learned while running CrossFit Blacksburg and from The BIZ.  Now, I look forward to helping other affiliates grow to greatness, while learning from the mistakes I’ve made along the way.  Becoming a SME (Subject Matter Expert) with The BIZ is just my first step in ‘giving back.’

Because good isn’t enough when you know you’re capable of great.

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