Recently I was sent this article about what it was like to work at and quit Apple (yes Apple, the mecca of technology). When you hear someone working for Apple, you think several things: they must be a genius, they are so lucky to work for a dream company, the perks must be amazing, etc. So, if you told someone you worked at Apple, most people would have an extremely positive reaction to that right?  This brings me to this article of a man who might crush those beliefs. Jordan was hired at Apple to be a designer but walked out shortly thereafter… and here is why: Click here to view article .

The significance of this article is to point out what people say about working at your box. What kind of boss are you? What kind of perks do your employees receive? What is the reaction people get when they say they work for you? How do your employees reflect on you? Is it a privilege to coach at your box?

These are all things you may not even think about, but they are essential to the success of your company. I know personally, if I see a lot of turnover at a company, I think to myself, “Wow, they must suck to work for.” I hardly ever think that the employees were the issue. Being the “Apple boss” will also have an impact on your clients. Your clients can sense the tension and overhear negative communication in your box, so a good relationship between you and your employees is imperative.  So what kind of company do you want to be? What legacy and reputation is important to you?

Ironing out issues amongst staff is not always easy, so we’re here to help. Hire us  today for one on one business consulting.

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