We posted this just over 2 years ago (Damn, time flies)

And with the CrossFit® Games underway..

We figured it was time for an updated version.


CrossFit® and CrossFit® Athletes have come a long way.. Especially in terms of body image for us ladies.

As a community, we’ve survived labels of being called a snobbish CULT. Thank you… we don’t want you joining anyway.

Oversexualized – Please.. We see you drooling over there.

Being dangerous – Find good coaches, you’ll be just fine (as long as you listen)

Not being a real sport – See the pictures below.


Ok… but one thing that’s hard to deny are these RESULTS.

We’ve all seen the ‘turning sevens to tens’ video. We all know the distinct sound of shirt being ripped off pre-WOD.

We enjoy the hard bodies that the rowing, snatching, jumping, and cleaning begets.

We know the men get ripped, but check out what CrossFit® has brought us with the ladies:

Goodbye skinny and slender… and hello traps, six-packs and ASSES. 
































































And the sexiest before & after of them all…













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