Okay, so you have set a daily sales goal – let’s say it’s $500 a day in new business.

On Day 1 you make $500. Great.

On Day 2 you make $800. Awesome!

Now on Day 3, you only have to make $200, right? Because you’re ahead of schedule for your total goal for the month…

Lowering that Day 3 goal may seem like a very small choice, but it will have big consequences.

It’s like a snowball that will build into an avalanche and crush your business.

That’s why Burch came up with BIZ Hack #1 – Reset Your Sales Goal Daily.

The idea is that no matter how you performed the day before, you always try again the next morning to reach the original goal you set up as your daily goal.

In this case, that’s $500 in new business, no matter WHAT you made the day before, even if it was higher than expected.

Here’s the reasoning behind this principle:

Because our goal for the month is to make the equivalent of $500 a day – or MORE – the daily goal must never be adjusted to compensate for the previous day’s success.

You know what happens when you get so successful that you feel like you can “ease off the gas” and you stop reaching for that daily $500 goal you had set up for yourself?

When you neglect your daily goals, your performance slowly starts to go down.

And then before you know it, you are way behind, losing more and more revenue.

What happened to that success you were coasting on??

You let it get away from you – one day at a time.

Burch calls this system, Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Business – and if you fail to commit to it, it can take your whole business down.

So it requires being relentless.

Relentless as in, chop wood and carry water not just until things are better, but chop wood and carry water for the duration of your business.

You must NEVER take your finger off the pulse and just rely on your own energy or motivation, because it’s human nature to get tired and lose focus if you have the option.

Work the tool instead. It works. We know because “BIZ Hacks” like this one that have gotten The BIZ so effective that our clients are now growing as much in 4 MONTHS as they used to grow in 4 YEARS.

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