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BIZ Kit Lite includes privileged insider information that hasn’t been revealed prior to this launch…

Are you tired of the guessing game with running your box and fed up with listening to advice from people who AREN’T really successful?

Listen – I know it can be confusing… you’ve asked yourself, ‘what REALLY works???’ Should I do an on-ramp? Should I post my prices on-line? How do I develop my team? Do I ever get a vacation? What’s the right marketing concept? How do I price myself? Should I go with the standard $150 per month unlimited price? Am I selling myself short? Who has the best track-record for success? What do the GREAT BOXES really make? Is this just a hobby or can I make it my career?…


If you haven’t met me before allow me to give you some background on how it happened that me and my BIZ team has trained over 2,000 Affiliates… and why this program you’re moments away from getting is endorsed by the best boxes in the world.

First, I’m not a “guru” of anything. I’m just a guy passionate about growing boxes to provide the best in class service to their clients and get paid accordingly. Period.

Here’s my story (let’s see if you can relate)…

I opened my first business in 1991 at the age of 20. It was a martial arts studio (which is very similar to CrossFit – kissing cousins practically!) located in the heart of Georgia.

(BTW-this business is STILL OPEN TODAY – being run by my first employee!)

Like you, I had a lot of energy and “knew” how it was going to happen, and how successful I was going to be… but… 6 months in…I was only making, actually grossing, a few thousand dollars ($2 – $3,000) monthly… after expenses I was barely able to pay myself.

What I realized:

  1. I had no real understanding of how to get people to call me.
  2. I was lousy at budgeting, controlling expenses or understanding my finances.
  3. I HAD NO IDEA that to build a team I needed to be a leader, not a boss.
  4. My sales process was “hi – do you want to join?” – ok, not that bad, but practically!
  5. I couldn’t do it forever if I didn’t have a system.

Sound familiar?

I was so bad off that I remember having to pull over on the side of the road – my commute was 60 miles each direction – because I couldn’t afford to pay to have an overheating light switch replaced. I had to wait until it cooled before I could get home… at 10 pm at night!

This was really the breaking point.

And then I heard about what some people were doing in other parts of the country. Stuff that initially I resisted because it went against everything I thought I knew about business. I thought they were “selling” stuff and being fake… but then I went to one of their facilities (the guy who ran this business was nice enough to let me sleep on his couch when I visited)… and I was blown AWAY!!

See, they were running a business that was 20xs more profitable then mine… and they were still teaching martial arts… they were just doing it more professionally. Their clients had a better experience. Their staff was better compensated. There was no air of desperation like at my place.

Flash forward 2 years.

My location was voted the 2nd best in the world. I had opened another location 30 miles away and I had over 300 clients.

In the middle of B.F.E. Georgia!

How I found CrossFit:

I found CrossFit LA in Dec 2006… at the time Andy Petranek had 45 clients and, in his words, was on the verge of THROWING IN THE TOWEL. See, he worked 80 hours a week, rarely had a vacation, made no money when he did go on vacation or was sick… and only grossed $14,000 – $16,000 per month…

It just wasn’t sustainable.

When I met him, as a client first, I called him the HIGHEST PAID SLAVE – actually, like our second meeting –  (kinda ballsey) because HE WAS. It was then that he agreed to believe in this crazy idea, the idea that there was a sustainable system, that wouldn’t expose him to risk, that would happen organically, yet methodically, and be the best plan for his clients – yes – his clients.

See, when you have a comprehensive system, it compliments your great coaching.

We spent a solid 120 days transitioning CrossFit Los Angeles to the new system (we didn’t have a name for it back then) and saw instant results. His gross DOUBLED in the first month… and he was able to have 100% growth finishing 2007 at an average of $30,000 per month. The system worked.

And it became sustainable.

Andy has had a vacation every year since I started with him. And his best month is over $77,900 with a staff of 5, yes – only 5 coaches on his team.

And we documented everything.

It was all because I had this wild vision, way back then, to help more Affiliates. See, I knew Andy was one of the best coaches I had ever met… and if HE was struggling, I could only imagine what was happening to the other boxes – at this time there were only about 175 Affiliates total…


So, in 2008 we started teaching this system to just a small handful of Affiliates. By December of 2008 we decided to record the seminar – which is PACKED with knowledge and anecdotal experience from both Andy and myself of how this system – The BIZ system – actually works.

We used to charge $2,000 per Affiliate and an additional $500 to bring a coach. If you wanted to buy this online it was previously priced at $500.

Now, this isn’t the professional series, (that’s our BIZ KIT PRO – skip to the bottom for a comparison) so it’s priced accordingly.

It’s just $99 for the whole system – 5 DVDs and a 65 page PDF to follow along.

(BTW – the editable forms and documents are only available in the BIZ KIT PRO)

If you’re not yet convinced this is worth it, here’s what you’re going to learn:

What you will learn:

    • Understanding the Theoretical Hierarchy of a CrossFit Business.
    • Business launch strategies that are low/no cost.
    • How to build a team that will support your growth and not just have employees.
  • How to duplicate yourself to grow faster, be stable, scalable and more profitable.
  • How to always enroll clients so you never have to sell to them.
  • How to keep retention rates above 95%.
  • How to scale classes.
  • How to schedule and execute the most productive workweek.
  • How to generate unpaid interns.
  • The numbers you should REALLY track including average client value.
  • Measuring the right numbers and managing what you measure.
  • How pricing yourself above any of your competitors works to your advantage.
  •  Building your strategy around a GET THEM/KEEP THEM philosophy.
  • The 5 reasons group classes work better than private training.
  • The perfect class planner.
  • Creating an enrollment system to benefit your clients more than you.
  • How to answer your phone to get the right members.
  • How to give a professional Intro Session.
  • How to meter your clients’ attendance to maximize membership.
  • How to build a referral a base through compelling events.
  • How to use the most effective social media tools as marketing and outreach, at little cost.
  • How to turn a trainer into a business Associate.
  • How to graduate from the success journal to the workout forums to the leader boards.
  • 15 must-haves for your website to engage your current and future clients.
  •  How to build community with PR Challenges.
  • 7 facts that make package contracts necessary for sustainable growth.
  • Weekly meetings & the statistics that matter.

What you will get:

  • 65 page PDF that covers the entire 2 days seminar, to follow along
  • DVD of the professional Intro Session
  • 5 DVDs of the entire seminar to train your team with later
  • Hit-the-ground-running plan of action to implement for immediate results

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