I’ll share a secret with you… there’s a difference between doing enough business to survive and CRUSHING RECORDS and MAKING A NAME for yourself… Big difference. If you’re the type that wants to build a massive career coaching, making as many people in the world FIT, (and making a nice profit), then read on.

I’ve been known to drop an expletive or 2-dozen and for some thin-skinned people I will rub you the wrong way. My approach also doesn’t work with people who like to be coddled or stay in their comfort zone… I’m a real person, just unfiltered. Most consider the blunt approach refreshing. And some situations don’t allow for the “spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down” approach. To have an amazing business, you have to put on your “big boy” pants. Now, because time is precious, let’s get down to some important business. Take a serious moment to read the following… it may change your life. If you find yourself answering “Yes” or even “Maybe” – to the following, then you’re in the right place – here at The BIZ – and your time will be well invested soaking up every detail of this program.  If your answer is “No” – then The BIZ is not the place to help you.


If you’re still with me reading this then you’re primed for success. Business owners who invest in their success are more successful (go figure)… just like the athletes who invest in their abilities are more capable… same-same. Before I get into the specifics of the BIZ KIT PRO, I’m going to give you some FREE INSIDER INSIGHT. First…

This is from my work with over 500 Affiliates. Again – our seminar has been coaching people successfully since 2007 and we’ve kept THOUSANDS of bits of information – from EVERYONE – around the world. Talk about perspective.

This isn’t uncommon in new businesses. Heck, you’re happy to just have opened your box. And getting some money is just icing on the cake. Some of you would probably even do it for free (haven’t you already told someone that?)… so of course it goes without saying that people DRASTICALLY UNDERVALUE THEIR SKILLS, impact on their clients and on their community at the start. The biggest challenge when pricing yourself low – you soon realize your value and it’s hard as hell to raise prices.

In our BIZ KIT PRO, we show you exactly how to raise your prices with a CHARTER MEMBERSHIP initiative.  And…

We eliminate the guesswork to help you figure out how to price everything from memberships to private training and special SME seminars… it’s all included.

You know you’ve been there… up late at night trying to make sense of your Quickbooks… not sure if you’re even looking at the right information… then you realized… there’s more to gathering the right numbers than sign-ups and gross. This is the easy part. The hard part is understanding the 20+ other numbers you MUST (yes – MUST) measure. Then, once you do that, you have to have the skill set to be able to trouble-shoot the problems that those numbers tell you. Being as diligent with your business numbers as you are with your WOD numbers is where you will begin to crush your competition. If you can’t do this, you can’t run your business. Period.

We show you how to both measure and manage the right numbers in the BIZ KIT PRO.

  There is no bigger pain – seriously frustrating – than having a great product (your coaching) and NOT be able to grow past a certain stage. You fix one problem to discover another. You sign up a ton of people BUT you lose the same amount (if not this identical problem, then a similar one). It’s almost enough to make you bang your head against the nearest solid object. It’s called being stuck in INFANCY.

We’ll show you how to get out of infancy and past the most dangerous stage…

…adolescence, then power through, like a champ to…

…maturity! Maturity is the holy grail of small business operation. This is where your SYSTEM (the one you learn from us) runs your business – NOT YOU… Of course you’re part of your business but you’re not the business. Think of it this way – it’s like you’re now the CEO of your business and like any CEO, say of Ford Motors, you are just part of the business. It’s liberating not to have to carry the whole thing on your back.

(Learning these solutions is like learning a secret language or a special handshake that gets you into the coolest club in town. Seriously. You’ll be amazed and, more importantly, when it comes to passing the potatoes at the next Thanksgiving dinner you can finally look that annoying aunt square in the eyes and report “Yes, my business is off the hook” – if she indeed knows what that means.)

Read this carefully to determine which type of delegator you are. You take forever to bring someone on your team. Then, when you finally do bring someone on board, you train and train then train some more to the point of them having to tell you that if you don’t hand over that specific responsibility they will quit (or at least REALLY threaten to quit). So, you finally turn the reigns over only to PULL back the responsibility because he doesn’t do it exactly like you do… then you step back to see that you’re doing 90% of everything again. Your business suffers and you’re miserable. Or… you bring people on really quickly, like lightening FAST because you need to fill a spot and they’re nice and, heck, they can handle it (whatever “it” you decide to throw their way). So, before you know it, you’re free from most work but (this always happens) you notice standards aren’t being met, not even the minimum, like not even close. So you fire them, take over the responsibility for a short term, find another person and before you know it, the new person is mucking things up just like the last one. Guess where the problem really lies? Yep – the Affiliate owner.

With the BIZ KIT PRO, you will have THE way to train your entire team the FIRST TIME.

“You can’t see the forest for the trees.” Ever hear of that before? This is where you are so detail focused you never gain perspective on the big picture. And you better have a big picture if you’re going to be the CEO of your affiliate. A small percentage of your time needs to be dealing with clients, working the system and training your team. And the rest of the time needs to be devoted to building better systems, creating strategic alliances and planning out the next 12 – 18 months of your business.

The BIZ KIT PRO will show you how best to do this.

This is what very few people will tell you out there because most of them are too busy making the same mistake you’re making…. I call it the “Chasing shiny object syndrome.”  You may be currently afflicted by this disease. In 2008, it was FACEBOOK – everyone can save their business through FACEBOOK! Then it was GROUPON – everyone can save their business with GROUPON! And next it will be something equally amazing. Listen – you need to know and understand how these tools can be used… but they are only tools. Most shiny objects rarely (*cough* never) give you a 300% increase (like The BIZ did with CrossFit LA) in revenue. And, if you think any shiny object could do that for you, then you should just turn your keys in right now because you business isn’t going to survive long.

What The BIZ has done over the past 4 ½ years is dial in the tools, systems and exercises to completely document EVERYTHING that you need to do to build and sustain an INCREDIBLE business. Our 2-day Raise Your Game! Seminar is great and so is our BIZ KIT LITE but they can’t even compare to the flexibility of the BIZ KIT PRO online platform.

Finally, The BIZ has created a place for all tools to live that could be easily updated and shared with YOU.

This is the important stuff about the BIZ KIT PRO that makes it stand out. The BIZ KIT PRO lives here, on this site, as a completely interactive platform for COMPLETELY UNDERSTANDING EVERY ASPECT OF THE BIZ. It’s a membership site.

And it’s a damn good one.

You sign up (below, when you’re ready) and you get access to a couple (of over 100 total) of videos today in the

We start at the beginning. And with every series of videos – which we call MODULES – you get some type of homework or exercise to better understand both the tool and your business. The videos are anywhere from 7 minutes long to 20 minutes long, depending on the subject matter. And – all of this information is updated and will CONTINUE to be updated. Then every day, or couple of days, you get access to another module. Before you know it, you’ve learned the ENTIRE UPDATED BIZ system.

That’s the magic of this new platform. You don’t have to leave home to get amazing information. You can replay the videos and search (once you’ve been through a section) based on keywords. Better still is that you can train your staff from the platform.




It’s all the brilliant information – that has already transformed countless affiliates – that you get with the BIZ KIT PRO and can’t get anywhere else. See – this is proprietary information… because The BIZ did the groundbreaking work to develop these specific tools. These are proven tools you can’t find anywhere else… so don’t trust the imitators (although it IS flattering).

  • Dozens of new exercises – stuff that gets you to understand your business faster and learn this system faster – some of these exercises and tools ARE NOT available anywhere else unless you paid over $7,000 for our Mentoring Program.
  • Learn the NEW INTRO 2.0 – yep we’ve found a way to make it better – with a higher conversion rate and more uses with the information you get from this powerful tool… later on… We’ll teach this tool, step by step, addressing all your questions along the way.
  • Unlimited training for your team – just one log in required.
  • Expanded information and tools – stuff that we’ve been working on for 4 ½  years is NOW being unveiled. * Only available in the BIZ KIT PRO.
  • An online community of people speaking the same language – fighting the great fight- and transforming their businesses, all with the same tools.
  • Keywords are tagged so you can search to find the answers you need fast.
  • EXCLUSIVE – Build YOUR I.T.P. (Instructor Training Program) Team from our checklist – have a robust and deep bench of quality coaches to supplement your staff so you can give you’re A-Team a break on holidays (or fill in the gaps during vacation).*only available in the BIZ KIT PRO.


  • Watch troubleshooting videos to improve:
  • Intros*NEW
  • Coaching*NEW
  • Phone skills*NEW
  • Cash flow*NEW
  • Monthly numbers analysis*NEW
  • Seminars*NEW
  • Events*NEW
  • Challenges*NEW
  • Fundraisers*NEW

Now, this is a 12-month minimum membership… FOR A REASON.

Listen – it takes a lot of circling of the same information to gain mastery. And MASTERY is what your amazing business demands because your clients demand it. And we know this will be scooped up by affiliates who want to separate themselves from the hobbyist.


We will also be adding NEW TOOLS throughout the year. And just ONE of those ideas could change your business forever and put money in your pocket. (You’d kick yourself if you missed that one idea!)



This platform is so robust we will be tracking each tier and there will be a strict limit at each price. Yes – the first people get the best prices. No matter how much the price goes up, (and it will) your price stays the same. As we add MORE videos – you’ll get access. As long as you are a member, you can have access.  You’re fooling yourself if you think you can do something once and think you’ve “got it”. In addition, we attack building your amazing system from multiple angles, angles that work, to make sure your business THRIVES.

Our products are guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction in every way. Cancel any membership purchased from us if it proves otherwise. We will replace it, refund your purchase price, or credit your credit card, as you wish. We do not want you to have anything from THE BIZ that is not completely satisfactory. If you can’t get this to work for you, we will train you for free! – John Burch


You’ll get the BIZ KIT LITE for FREE as a THANK YOU for joining the BIZ KIT PRO system. With this series of DVDs, you can watch Andy Petranek (of CrossFit LA) and John Burch discuss (in front of a live audience) the foundations of this system.

You’ll also get the BIZ OUTREACH AND MARKETING KIT as a thank you for free. This alone is a $200 value!

The BIZ – Comparison Chart

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