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Case Study: Video Case Study – CrossFit Hollywood

To watch the 5 minute interview of Andy Thomspon discussing how his business grew from $12k monthly to $48K monthly in less than 10 months…


It’s only 5 minutes and worth your time.


Case Study: CrossFit Blacksburg

Six months after opening in Blacksburg, Virginia (Population 40,000), CrossFit Blacksburg was struggling. With gross revenues consistently under $2,000 and an average client value of $76, Owner Amy Crawford was strongly considering closing up shop. She attended the The BIZ Seminar as a gift from Coach Glassman, and business took off. CrossFit Blacksburg’s monthly gross climbed from under $2,000 to over $10,000 (an increase of 490%) in less than a year.

One year after attending our Seminar, CrossFit Blacksburg joined the BIZ Mentoring Program. In the year since, Amy’s husband Neil has been able to go full-time at their box and the two have identified and brought on their first associate. CrossFit Blacksburg’s business became so solid that even as their associate trained for and qualified for Regionals, product quality stayed top-notch. Their monthly gross has since climbed above $20,000, and average client value is now above $100.

CrossFit Blacksburg growth time line

Case Study: CrossFit JAX

CrossFit JAX opened in October of 2007 in Jacksonville Beach, an area of 68,000 residents within the greater market of Jacksonville, Florida (pop. 1.5 million). Prior to attending the The BIZ Raise Your Game! Seminar in April of 2009, owner Meghan Russell did not track monthly gross revenue, but estimates it to have been about $4,000 per month. In July of 2009, after attending the seminar, they began tracking their numbers, totaling a gross of $28,517 for the remainder of the year (average of $4,752 per month).

In the first five months of 2010, CrossFit JAX’s gross revenue grew to a three-month average (March-April-May) of $6,357 per month, a 59% increase. Implementation of our Raise Your Game! System, though, was still spotty at best, and there was much, much more room to grow. On top of this, Meghan’s husband Chris was transferred to Virginia during this time for his job, leaving Meghan behind for weeks at a time with no staff and a one year-old daughter to take care of. Faced with a difficult choice to stay and dig in or fold and leave, she elected to dig in and transform the business.

CrossFit JAX joined the The BIZ Mentoring Program in June, with a gross of $6,388 and 55 members (for an average client value of $116). Almost immediately upon their entry into the Mentoring Program, CrossFit JAX’s business took off. Meghan has “adhered to The BIZ’s prescription to a ‘T’” since joining the Mentoring Program (her words, not ours), and the results are remarkable. By the end of 2010, CrossFit JAX was consistently posting gross revenues of $12,000 to $14,000, and finished January 2011 at over $15,000 for the first time. Their three-month average from November 2010 to January 2011 ($15,768) is $14,276. This represents an additional 121% in growth since joining the Mentoring Program.

CrossFit JAX’s total investment in our training has been: $1,500 for our seminar, $1,500 + travel & expenses (we’ll round it to $2,000) for an on-site consultation by John Burch, and $3,960 for eight months of Mentoring Program dues for a grand total of $7,460. If we were to assume that they would have stayed at a monthly average of $4,000 (which they were at before attending our seminar), the value added to their program by The BIZ has been $75,587. That investment has already returned itself more than tenfold, and CrossFit JAX’s business continues to grow, expanding into a 5,000 sq. ft. box in May of 2011.

CrossFit JAX growth time line

Case Study: CrossFit Los Angeles

Andy Petranek opened the ninth ever CrossFit Affiliate in Santa Monica, California in 2004. An experienced personal trainer, Andy got what was then known as Petranek Fitness (today called CrossFit Los Angeles) off to a good start. After two years, though, the progress had plateaued, with Petranek Fitness consistently hovering around $15,000 in monthly gross revenue each month throughout 2006. At the end of that year Andy brought on John Burch as a business consultant, and everything started to change.

In January of 2007, one month after starting to run the The BIZ System, Petranek Fitness grossed over $27,000. Andy thought that this was an expected bump in revenue due to down payments, and would surely drop the next month. That didn’t happen, though, as Petranek Fitness grossed over $30,000 in February. Andy was still convinced that this was a fluke, and would certainly come down.

In May of 2007 Andy brought on his first Associate, Becca Borawski, full-time. In December of that year, Petranek Fitness had its best month yet, grossing over $37,000–this in what was traditionally Andy’s worst month for business (December). The revenues continued to climb, reaching $47,000 in April of 2008 when Andy hired his next staff member, Jennifer, full time. By the time Andy hired his next coach, Michael, in October of 2008, “CrossFit LA” had passed $55,000 in monthly gross revenue.

CFLA continues to evolve and grow. In March of 2011, CFLA grossed over $77,000 with just over 300 students and only 5 full time coaches. CFLA will always be the “test kitchen” for the materials and methods we develop and use at The BIZ. It’s growth and success means better tools and systems for the CrossFit community as a whole.

CrossFit Los Angeles growth time line

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