The Little Everyday Things That are Predicting Your Future – by Hawa Macalou

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So, let’s pretend we have two temps working for us for one day.

And let’s try to predict which one of these is more likely to someday become a CEO vs which one will quietly fade into obscurity…

Who You Callin’ a B*tch? – Hawa Macalou


If you fear being called a bitch for holding your ground, or if you’re mad that you get labeled one just because you’re a capable woman…

Here is my advice about the unavoidable reality of being called a bitch (in 2 parts):

Are You Living Like a Loser? – by Hawa Macalou

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Want to know whether you are living like a winner or a loser right now?

Ask yourself this:

Am I failing to take a chance right now because I’m scared?

OOPS. 10 Signs Your Business Could Fail Spectacularly – by Hawa Macalou

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The scary fact is, every company is in danger of bombing, leaving the CEO to explain what happened to their lofty dreams.

That’s why it takes such big balls to start your own company.

Luckily, there are some time tested company-building basics we can all follow to lower our chances of falling on our faces.

Reebok: You’re Doing it Wrong – by Hawa Macalou

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Just weeks before the CrossFit® Games, it was announced that all competitors in the Games must wear Reeboks while competing.

A Cacophony of Bullshit – by Hawa Macalou


The important reminder here is to not let ourselves be intimidated by MARKETING or BUSINESS by assuming that to be effective we have to change who we are—or dull down how we present ourselves.