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From Almost Closing to One Million Dollars – by John Burch


How did Alli and Dave go from almost closing to one of The BIZ’s biggest success stories in 6 months?

I’ll answer that at the CASE STUDY webinar tomorrow…

Government Cheese (why I really do this) – by John Burch

OSWEGO, NY - JUNE 20: A child waits with a box of food at a food distribution by the Food Bank of the Southern Tier Mobile Food Pantry on June 20, 2012 in Oswego, New York. The mobile food pantry program was introduced in 2007 in the Southern Tier of New York and covers nearly 4,000 predominately rural miles. The converted beverage truck delivers fresh produce, dairy products and other grocery items to individuals and families in need. The pantry typically distributes for a period of two hours and provides 100 to 160 families with food. According to the 2010 Census, 15.72% the population serviced by the mobile pantry live at or below the federal poverty level. According to statistics presented at a recent U.S. Senate committee hearing, almost one in seven Americans are living below the poverty line with a significant number of them being children.

Sometimes in the blur of running a business I forget what it feels like to live with that uncertainty of knowing there’s just not enough $ to take care of yourself and your family –

– and the shame that that carries with it –

– even when you are working as hard as you can, so it’s not your fault.

What Are You Working For? – by John Burch

Before i die

In this video, I tell you one of my deepest motivators to have a successful business…

After you watch it, think about your own.

Then join us Thursday at 10 AM PDT for the online webinar if this describes you…

UnF*cking Stoppable: Your Best Month Ever – by John Burch

ustoppable large

We’re all hell bent on blasting through our goals in April…

Are you with us?

Mark your Calendars for MONDAY 6 APR.. 10 AM pst (that’s next Monday!)

3 BIZ Scholarships for Veterans – by John Burch

burch flag

I’m going to be give away 3 BIZ Tribe SCHOLARSHIPS to veterans on Thursday, April 9th at 10 AM PST.

That means 3 lucky vets wiill get Tribe memberships FOR LIFE – for FREE.

From One Vet to Another – by John Burch


Transitioning from the military to running a business poses an unique set of challenges.

If you’re a vet who wants more tools and support from The BIZ at a special discounted rate, watch this video to hear more.

Don’t Be Someone Else’s Learning Curve – by John Burch

Stop Sign with word Scam

Don’t let fakers f*ck with your gym – you worked too hard for it.

Advice on The Open You’ve Never Heard – by John Burch


Disagree with this advice about the Open…?

Maybe ask yourself, WHY?

A Video a Day: Day 1 – by John Burch

double your athletes

Day 1 of 365 days of FREE videos from Burch to help you run your dream box.

Double Your Athletes – by John Burch

kettlebellsWant to double the number of athletes at your box?

Go to to watch my free video.

UNPOACHABLE – Fend off Attacks from Aggressive Local Gyms – by John Burch


I’m going to put on a seminar, free, on Tuesday, January 27th based on the title of this post…


Just because you’ve clicked “Going” on the Facebook Event Page doesn’t mean you’ll have access…

Email [email protected] to officially RSVP.

This Is the Craziest Video I’ve Ever Done – John Burch

living our dreams

This call was my favorite moment from all the years I’ve been in business, and luckily, it was captured on video.

But the group on this video call made INSTANT money from a brand new idea that my staff and I brainstormed in the moment.

(The tool that made these gym owners instant money is below the video – please steal it.)

Burch’s Million Dollar Phone Script

burch phone script image

Copy this phone script and start signing up clients – instantly.

But Daddy, I’m Hungry – by John Burch

daddy hungry 2

Struggling business owners are faced with the very real fact that if business doesn’t happen, their children won’t eat.

I’d much rather meet you now than later if your business fails or you have to tell your kids they have to wait to eat and you’re MORE panicked for help.