The Ad Network is TRANSFORMING Gyms All Over the Country

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve seen that we’ve been talking a lot about the Ad Network. If you’re not sure what it is, check it out here. (you can even snag 20 FREE leads while you’re there) THEN Watch this interview with 4 gym owners (of over 25) who are …

WBBC’s Bigger-is-Best Moment Countdown: The BIG #1

As coaches and affiliate owners we hear excuses from people as to why they can’t do CrossFit® all the time.   Some common ones we’re always hearing:   “But I’m too slow”.   “I’m too fat”   “I’m going to be the most out of shape…”   Carol, from World’s …

WBBC’s Bigger-Is-Best Moments Countdown: #2

These numbers are going to be something that you Might not believe at first.   We know this because we actually had someone Comment on Facebook stating it was IMPOSSIBLE For a WBBC licensee to make more money Than a surgeon does.   (here’s the post) Here’s what WBBC – …

WBBC’s Bigger-is-Best Moment Countdown: #3

As we close in on our top 3 moments, what better way to introduce our top three than to highlight the WOMEN of WBBC! Make sure you’re on the Webinar (click here) on Monday or Tuesday (Aug. 22nd or 23rd) to find out how to get a WBBC in your …

WBBC’s Bigger-Is-Best Moment Countdown: #4

At World’s Best Boot Camp, we’re the catalyst for change in our communities…   We’re in the business of changing lives…   And we want to change every single life for the better.   In a small town in Minnesota, one licensee is DOMINATING her territory doing just that.   …

WBBC’s Bigger-is-Best Moment Countdown: #5

This is one of those stories that will hit you right in the feels.   Instead of telling you about it, I’m just going to let you watch the video yourself. Here’s WBBC’S Bigger-is-Best Moment #5! Click the screenshot below to view this Inspirational video (you can click here to …

WBBC’s Bigger-is-Best Moment Countdown: #6

As a gym owner, you know the importance of exposure.   Currently, you may have some programs in place to get your name out to people who don’t know about you.   You may host competitions, do “girls night out”, have ad placements on social media and in print, or …

WBBC’S Bigger-is-Best Moment Countdown: #7

Does any of this sound familiar?   “I need to be in shape first, I can’t do CrossFit®”   “I can’t even touch my toes! There’s no way I can do squats or push-ups!”   “I’m too old for all of that…I wouldn’t be able to keep up”   As …

WBBC’s Bigger-is-Best Moment Countdown: #8

We hope you’re enjoying some of the biggest moments that we’ve shared as a group.   We’re really proud and excited of everything going on, and I’m sure you can already see why…   For our WBBC’S Bigger-is-Best Moment #8, we’re talking SECOND LOCATIONS for WBBC Licensees.   Yep. While …

WBBC’s Bigger-is-Best Moment Countdown: #9

At World’s Best Boot Camp, we’re in the business of changing lives!   Most other programs out there aren’t built for real success.   They’re built to be sold; to put people through the motions of functional fitness; but they never really worry about what results their clients have.   …

WBBC’s Bigger-is-Best Moment Countdown: #10

The World’s Best Boot Camp has completely revolutionized the way gym owners do business.   It has increased revenue numbers in ways that no other program has before.   There have been more smiles, laughs, happy tears, and breathtaking moments than ever before.   Doing the most good isn’t just …

Are you doing the most good? (MUST WATCH!)

Being a gym owner in your community is more than just giving people a facility to exercise. It’s about being a catalyst for CHANGE in your community. Helping the MOST people you can, by doing the MOST good. Check out this interview with Commander Johanna and WBBC Trooper Chantelle who just graduated …

Why We Do This

biz photo 1

Running a gym is HARD. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. Anyone that owns a gym can attest to the constant pressure and responsibility that comes along with owning a business. There is no such thing as leaving your work at the office. There is no such thing as slowing down or truly “taking time off”. Because not only do you and your family’s lives depend on it, your employees and THEIR families depend on it too.

More Good News!

We’re so proud of these peeps, just read.. you’ll see.     Find out more here..  

She’s BACK…


You might’ve seen a familiar face around this last week…
And we wanted to let you hear all about it from the legend herself.

Love Him or Hate Him…


Love him or hate him John Burch is doing something incredible. He’s helping affiliates gain athletes that would normally shy away from CrossFit® with his very effective World’s Best Boot Camp™

The Hail Mary of CrossFit® – by Michelle MenEndez

When was the last time you added 20 athletes to your roster in a month followed by 33 athletes the following month?

Changing your Standard


We are redefining what the standard expectations are for Bring a Friend nights!

The Most Dynamic Year – by the BIZ Team (Maggie, Lizzy & Dana)


Think way back to when Crossfit® had just started. It was controversial (and still is, let’s be honest). The world was not ready to accept that an 8min AMRAP was going to be as effective as 90 minutes on the treadmill… But..

That One Time, Most of Your Athletes Leave …. – by Allison Timm


What happens when 100 of your FAVORITE clients walk out of your gym and into the competitor’s that you dislike most?

Give your Athletes the BEST – by Holly Leonard


But the reality is that most of our members come and train with us because they want to get lean, fit into their clothes, look better naked and have sex with the lights on!

What’s a Silver Nano? – by Dave Timm


These athletes have different needs and goals than a 20-30 year old might have. And with Silver Nanos we allow them to feel fulfilled at the end of each class because everyone has a common goal and they are working towards that together.

I Thought I was Disciplined until I Realized I Wasn’t, Part 2 – by Holly Leonard


This sounds like a simple one, but the truth is you probably don’t. But I’m willing to be you know your last Fran time or your deadlift PR. We are CrossFitters at heart. I get it.

You’re Not Actually Busy – by Lizzy Ostro


Do you do your own accounting? Probably not. And why would you? It would take you HOURS upon hours (unless you’ve been educated on how to do this properly) to do it properly. Instead, I’ll bet you’ve chosen to use Quickbooks and/or have an accountant help you. Don’t leave this principle to only the things you don’t know how to do.

I Am the person who would Never join your Box – Dana Eliassen


Let me start by saying that this article is going to piss a lot of people off. That is not my intention… I am offering a perspective of potential clients that you otherwise may not have been able to connect with.I am relatively new to CrossFit® as an active participant. I joined my current gym only a little over a year ago and have had a great experience, but to be honest, I wouldn’t have taken the first step if I had not already been working for The BIZ.

Shame: Are you Guilty or a Victim?

In what other world would a business owner feel guilty for making money?
Why are box owners feeling guilty to raise their prices?
And, why do box owners get shamed for being profitable?

Destroyed by An Earthquake? NO WAY – Chris Coxon, WBBC ChristChurch


Chris’ box was literally destroyed by an earthquake.
He found WBBC,
became an APEX [First Generation] partner and
not only got his business back on track..
but his hope for the future and his family was restored.

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance..


We’re only taking THE BEST and what happens if
another box IN YOUR TERRITORY gets in first?
Don’t let it happen to you.

How to Get on Santa’s KICK ASS List [Tribe Only]

The Nice list is boring, so we’re changing it up.
It’s all in the Holiday Campaign
but the holidays will be here BEFORE YOU KNOW IT
and we want to make sure you’re prepared to earn a spot
on Santa’s KICK ASS List!

The BIGGEST Announcement of the Year


Wow, also just realized didn’t mention something pretty cool.
The one and only K Starr will be doing a hour a 90 minute workshop with us!
Don’t miss a chance to work with the mobility guru himself.
[Free with purchase of Seminar ticket!]

Do You Know the Most POWERFUL Words in the World?

Power_Opening_TitleThere are 20.
You’re a box owner.
You’re busy as f*ck .

You don’t have time to think of new and creative ideas EVERY DAY.

So we’ve made it simple for you.
We came up with THE SYSTEM that will do the work for you.

Your Money’s No Good Here


This will be your last chance to get in for

at least the year… likely much longer.

And we are giving away a TON of free

goodies to anyone who is a member

at the end of the month…

I Thought I Was Disciplined.. and Then I Realized I Wasn’t – by Holly Leonard

It’s about discipline and what it really takes to be successful.

December – July was child’s play compared to what I do now.

And what I do now has taken me from making 10k a month to finishing out last month at 32k.