Before We Were Hot 2.0

We posted this just over 2 years ago (Damn, time flies) And with the CrossFit® Games underway.. We figured it was time for an updated version.   CrossFit® and CrossFit® Athletes have come a long way.. Especially in terms of body image for us ladies. As a community, we’ve survived …

The REAL Reason Your Numbers Are Down in the Summer (you won’t expect this)

Those are all great statements, except for the fact that they are only a reflection of YOU, the business owner.

Zen Planner Showing the BIZ some LOVE!

Check out what Burch has to say about COMMUNITY on the Zen Planner site….

More Good News!

We’re so proud of these peeps, just read.. you’ll see.     Find out more here..  

She’s BACK…


You might’ve seen a familiar face around this last week…
And we wanted to let you hear all about it from the legend herself.

Love Him or Hate Him…


Love him or hate him John Burch is doing something incredible. He’s helping affiliates gain athletes that would normally shy away from CrossFit® with his very effective World’s Best Boot Camp™

What Our Consulting With You.. Taught Us – by Maggie Kennedy


We expect GREAT. We expect to work with gyms where people leave feeling like they just had the coolest gym experience of their life. Where athletes of all athletic ability feel CARED ABOUT.

The Most Dynamic Year – by the BIZ Team (Maggie, Lizzy & Dana)


Think way back to when Crossfit® had just started. It was controversial (and still is, let’s be honest). The world was not ready to accept that an 8min AMRAP was going to be as effective as 90 minutes on the treadmill… But..

That One Time, Most of Your Athletes Leave …. – by Allison Timm


What happens when 100 of your FAVORITE clients walk out of your gym and into the competitor’s that you dislike most?

Give your Athletes the BEST – by Holly Leonard


But the reality is that most of our members come and train with us because they want to get lean, fit into their clothes, look better naked and have sex with the lights on!

What’s a Silver Nano? – by Dave Timm


These athletes have different needs and goals than a 20-30 year old might have. And with Silver Nanos we allow them to feel fulfilled at the end of each class because everyone has a common goal and they are working towards that together.

I Thought I was Disciplined until I Realized I Wasn’t, Part 2 – by Holly Leonard


This sounds like a simple one, but the truth is you probably don’t. But I’m willing to be you know your last Fran time or your deadlift PR. We are CrossFitters at heart. I get it.

You’re Not Actually Busy – by Lizzy Ostro


Do you do your own accounting? Probably not. And why would you? It would take you HOURS upon hours (unless you’ve been educated on how to do this properly) to do it properly. Instead, I’ll bet you’ve chosen to use Quickbooks and/or have an accountant help you. Don’t leave this principle to only the things you don’t know how to do.

I Am the person who would Never join your Box – Dana Eliassen


Let me start by saying that this article is going to piss a lot of people off. That is not my intention… I am offering a perspective of potential clients that you otherwise may not have been able to connect with.I am relatively new to CrossFit® as an active participant. I joined my current gym only a little over a year ago and have had a great experience, but to be honest, I wouldn’t have taken the first step if I had not already been working for The BIZ.

Shame: Are you Guilty or a Victim?

In what other world would a business owner feel guilty for making money?
Why are box owners feeling guilty to raise their prices?
And, why do box owners get shamed for being profitable?

Destroyed by An Earthquake? NO WAY – Chris Coxon, WBBC ChristChurch


Chris’ box was literally destroyed by an earthquake.
He found WBBC,
became an APEX [First Generation] partner and
not only got his business back on track..
but his hope for the future and his family was restored.

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance..


We’re only taking THE BEST and what happens if
another box IN YOUR TERRITORY gets in first?
Don’t let it happen to you.

How to Get on Santa’s KICK ASS List [Tribe Only]

The Nice list is boring, so we’re changing it up.
It’s all in the Holiday Campaign
but the holidays will be here BEFORE YOU KNOW IT
and we want to make sure you’re prepared to earn a spot
on Santa’s KICK ASS List!

The BIGGEST Announcement of the Year


Wow, also just realized didn’t mention something pretty cool.
The one and only K Starr will be doing a hour a 90 minute workshop with us!
Don’t miss a chance to work with the mobility guru himself.
[Free with purchase of Seminar ticket!]

Top 5 Tear-Jerking Comments from BIZ Clients [of all time]


From helping people open their box,
to maintaining a MILLION DOLLAR GYM..
Here are 5 of our favorite messages from BIZ Tribe Clients..

Do You Know the Most POWERFUL Words in the World?

Power_Opening_TitleThere are 20.
You’re a box owner.
You’re busy as f*ck .

You don’t have time to think of new and creative ideas EVERY DAY.

So we’ve made it simple for you.
We came up with THE SYSTEM that will do the work for you.

Your Money’s No Good Here


This will be your last chance to get in for

at least the year… likely much longer.

And we are giving away a TON of free

goodies to anyone who is a member

at the end of the month…

You Wouldn’t Want to Make $1 Million Anyways Right?

In January, they were at $15K/month and about to close their doors. Using The BIZ materials, they did $60K in June, will do $50K in July, and will do $90K in August.

Who REALLY Runs The World? – by John Burch

The thing is… What the following group of women is doing is unseen
in the fitness industry at the small business level. In fact…
At any level.

Just One Dollar, No Joke – by The BIZ

dollar batman

No joke: For a limited time, you can get into The BIZ Tribe for just $1 the first month.

john burch

Going, Going, Gone!


This is it, finito. This is your last chance to join The BIZ 2.0.

Module #49

SME, Amy Crawford, teaches you how to do a LUNCH AND LEARN MEETING.

Are you The Apple of CrossFit®??


The significance of this article is to point out what people say about working at your box.

Just A Couple Stories Of Success From Our SMEs

Hand filling in crossword - business and success

Thinking about hiring a business coach?? Maybe these two stories from our talented SMEs Chris Thorndike and Amy Crawford will help you make up your mind!

Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog and How to Organize it Successfully

You may think, as a box owner, your business is just your physical box…and your blog is something that you will maybe get to.

Are You A Child Running A Business? – by Chris Thorndike



It starts with you! You must see your relationship with your team as an adult to adult relationship.

Why Do Today What I Can Put Off Until Tomorrow??

Watch as Miss Awesome shares with you two examples of what really might be going on in your box.