Though my 14-week competition for the face of The BIZ: Raise Your Game brand with Mari is over, my challenge to live a healthier life is still just beginning – and I plan on living a nice, long healthy life thanks to my new and improved titanium heart implant!

(See here for Chandler’s previous blogs on heart surgery).

Over the last few months I’ve grown accustomed to sharing my wellness journey via photos, blog posts and status updates online. Thank goodness for my virtual family who is always there to offer me support and keep me on the straight and narrow, especially when I feel like giving up (i.e. ditching a WOD) or giving in (going for that In-N-Out burger).

I’ve learned to love their positive reinforcement, especially the reinforcement the CrossFit community offers, so when I posted this picture of myself last week, along with a caption that I was down 15lbs and thrilled with the result, I was surprised by the immediate, somewhat negative reaction. I had wrongly assumed that everyone would be happy for me, but that wasn’t the case. (See attached photo).

The general reactions “Don’t get skinny!” and “We love you the way you are!” were actually very sweet and wonderfully supportive, especially growing up as a woman in a society that idolizes an unrealistic BMI. However, I’d like to play devil’s advocate and make the case for why my disappearing curves might just be a good thing.

I’ve never been a heavy girl, but I’ve never been a fitness buff, either (I’m looking at you, Mari)! Fourteen weeks ago I had curves to kill for…but I couldn’t do more than 15 squats or a 200-meter row without ending up completely out of breath. And that was not okay.

Skinny isn’t good. But curvy isn’t necessarily better. And this is coming from a girl who has always loved and embraced her natural curves – heck; I’ve even modeled for a fuller-busted lingerie line called Curvy Kate!

I really appreciate the compliments that I looked great 15lbs ago…but I didn’t feel great. The ultimate goal in my health and wellness journey has been to get “fit” not skinny, although the few lbs. I’ve lost have been a welcome side effect.

I might be down two sizes in jeans and yes, even a couple cup sizes, but I’ve never felt better. I look and feel much more proportioned and, as a result, I no longer need physical therapy for back pain.

What I’m trying to say is, I am still the same Chandler I was 15lbs ago – just a firmer, fitter version.

In telling this story to my friends at The BIZ, they mentioned to me their latest project in the works, SuperSystem. While SuperSystem seemed intense and for athletes at first, I soon realized that it’s a personal prescription for your wellness. It is a plan that is centered around what YOU need to do to attack the fat in YOUR body and become the best you, you can possibly be.

How many times have you felt like just a number in a fitness class, and you were not seeing your full potential within your functional fitness workout? Please share your personal triumphs and hurdles with us below, and also subscribe to SuperSystem by following the SuperSystem Link.

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