“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” – Heraclitus

In the CrossFit® world we talk A LOT about standards. And because of the way the world works.. those standards are ALWAYS evolving and adapting to force us onto the next level..

example: handstand push ups in the Open last year!!

With the Open approaching again so soon – I can’t help but wonder what new expectations and standards of movement will be thrown our way.

In that same regard.. we all have business “standards” or expectations…

example: December is a rough month because everyone is traveling – or – January will be busy because of New Year Resolutions.

Well, there’s a business standard that we are changing NOW with World’s Best Boot Camp.

Old standard: I’m going to have 3 days of Bring A Friend workouts and hopefully we’ll get about ¼ of our members bringing friends.

OUR STANDARD: I’m going to have ONE Bring a Friend workout and EVERYONE, all 100% will bring friends… along with..

Troopers at WBBC around the world are bringing as many as 11 friends to one workout..

We’ve even seen 90 people in ONE WORKOUT become normal for Bring A Friend

And licensees are getting on average… 6 sign ups ….FROM ONE WORKOUT.

And because we love math.. that’s an average of $1,600 in ONE hour.

Check out what Bring a Friend looks like at WBBC locations AROUND THE WORLD!

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