Our new Box location had been open for only 3 months…

when we were blindsided by earthquakes.


Midday on 22nd February 2011, an earthquake struck,

leveling our city centre.

Buildings collapsed, buses and vehicles were crushed.

Entire suburbs were swamped and destroyed by mud. 185 people,

including friends lost their lives.  


Our venue was damaged beyond use.   

We couldn’t find an affordable venue anywhere,

everything had been snapped up by larger businesses

who could afford the skyrocketing lease rates.  


Three months later we found a temporary venue –

A small room in an old meat factory building with a large concrete forecourt.

By then it was a complete restart.


Our membership slowly grew, we expanded to two small rooms.

Business cash flow was extremely tight,

we were just paying the bills, scraping by.

My business partner had long since left to take a job.


Searching online for answers, I discovered John Burch and THE BIZ.


The BIZ Training helped us put new systems in place,

create an Intern Training Program, add retail sales,

massively boost our prospect conversion rates and boost cash flow.


THE BIZ saved our business.


But by mid 2015 we were struggling again.

Three unsuccessful attempts to secure a permanent venue

had cost dearly and drained our cash reserves.  

Other competitors had opened up multiple boxes in our city,

often using price undercutting as a marketing strategy.

A massive poaching incident had hit us hard.

In April we crunched the numbers and

realized we were only a short time away from closing the doors

if we didn’t make a change.


In April of 2015 I attended a Webinar about the World’s Best Boot Camp.

Burch told of CrossFit® Credence’s success with the World’s Best Boot Camp,

coming back from the brink of closing to opening a 2nd profitable Box.

John said he was “in the business of giving HOPE”.


We needed some of that hope –4 years of dealing with earthquakes

ramifications had left me feeling pretty jaded.

I joked with my wife. “I think we are the CrossFit® Credence of the South Pacific”


We took a leap of faith.

We signed up two weeks late into the Troop 13 marketing phase.

I remember thinking I’d be happy to get 10 sign ups  – We signed 25!

Of those new to our box, 70% signed up to re-do the boot camp again or onto contracted Crossfit® memberships.


Last week we ran our Troop 14 Enlistment day with 58 sign ups!




The cashflow injection has been incredible.  

And we’re anticipating the flow on effect in 5 weeks’ time as Boot Campers

convert to Crossfit® memberships or re-sign to repeat the Boot Camp.

Our biggest problem is how to fit so many people into our tiny space!

A great problem to have.


The World’s Best Boot Camp has given us renewed hope

of building a successful business after very difficult times.

We are no longer competing against other Crossfit® boxes

or functional strength gyms,

we have a new competitive advantage (and protected territory)

– an incredibly effective sales funnel fueling our business growth.

We’re only beginning our second Boot Camp and filled with so much hope for the future.



It’s your turn to become our partner.

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