BeardHeader3_540They help with PR’s.

They assert manliness.

The ladies love them (and can’t resist touching).

Most importantly: They are SEXY AF.

Here are the ruggedly handsome beards our sport has given us:

From the CrossFit® GAMES ATHLETES:

Lucas Parker

Him holding a hammer just looks…right. And his beard travels down into full-body armor. Tell us that ain’t rugged.



Kenneth Leverich

With a great beard comes great responsibility… and this bro came through with a 1st place win at the So. Cal regional. #mancardEARNED



From COACHES and CrossFit® athletes:

Kyler Allison

Athlete – Apache Athlete, Austin, TX
Those pigtails look anything but sweet and innocent. Pull one… dare ya.



Danny Lesslie

Deuce Gym – Venice, California
That beard is manly enough for its own barbell. And are those… natural highlights?



Michael Duke Winchester

CrossFit Central – Austin, Texas
Scientific fact: The thumbs-up and wink combination can only be pulled off with a full-sized man beard


photo credit: Brian Sullivan


Our BIZ Peeps:

Caution: awesome beards may make you an awesome  business owner.

Andy Thompson (BIZ badass, front left) – owner of CrossFit Hollywood

Not only is Andy Thompson good at lifting really heavy shit, he also runs a nearly million dollar a year business. Boss.

(Andy is pictured here with these 3 suavly bearded non-BIZ peeps…)

Paul Estrada (front center) – owner of CrossFit Elysium
Adam Stevenson (maroon jersey) – owner of Stay Classy CrossFit
Charlie Curtis (way back) – owner of CrossFit Rec Center



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