The truth is sometimes I have issues coming up with material for our blog, and then it occurs to me that you might too. You may think, as a box owner, your business is just your physical box…and your blog is something that you will maybe get to. But the truth is, you can’t forget about the importance of your BLOG! And here are five reasons why not:

1. Your blog is a way for you to introduce who you are to your client and everyone else lurking on your blog (yup, they’re paying attention out there). By writing about something personal, your clients get an opportunity to connect with you in a way they may not have before.

2. Your blog can create a community. Your box’s blog can also be an outlet for your clients to share stories and get to know one another. It can give your clients a sense of voice in your gym by allowing them to share personal/success stories… not only in the blog itself, but in the comment section as well.

3. Your blog can act as a calendar. It is another place for you to share what is going on in your box and in the community (i.e. happy hour, socials, sporting events etc.).

4. Your blog can be a place of teaching and learning. Through personal stories of yours and other peoples’  experiences of success or struggle, your clients, perspective clients, and colleagues can learn some valuable lessons.

5. Your blog can be used for marketing! Not only is your blog a good tool to driving traffic to your page (SEO, ever heard of it?) and to your box, it can also allow you to highlight items in your proshop. By doing product spotlight pieces, you can promote those unsold shoes you have sitting in your storage space!

The key to great blog is keeping it fresh and organized. This is why we suggest a queue so you are never scrambling the night before your post to find material (not that I have ever done that :)). Have three to four blogs ready to go at all times!

The other key is consistency! Pick the days you want to post, and keep it to those days, so your readers have a routine like, “It’s Tuesday I’m gonna check out the new post from The BIZ.” And don’t always think you have to reinvent the wheel, it’s ok to repost something with your personal stance to find out how others feel (make sure you give credit where credit is due). Lastly, have fun with it.  It’s ok to get people talking… I think the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as bad press.”

If these are the type of things you think you could use help with, then reach out to us, we are always available to help!

Like always, please leave your comments and thoughts below!

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