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We’ve decided to interview each of our 6 Most Influential Women in the Fitness Industry so you can get to know the awesome women who are paving the way for so many female gym owners around the CrossFit® community.

Here is our conversation with BAMF Allison Timm, Owner of Crossfit Credence!

HQ: How did you get into CrossFit®?

Allie: My tall, dark and handsome husband Dave wrote me a few workouts on post-it notes.

I went to the gym and was shocked at how hard the workouts were! I thought I was fit!

After a month, we started doing workouts together and watching videos on the main site, trying to figure out how to snatch.

HQ: At what moment did you decide to open a box?

Allie: While working at a local globo gym, my boss yelled at me in a staff meeting one day for letting my client lift heavy enough weights that they made a “clink” sound when she set them down.

SSSSHHH!!! No noise allowed here. We are only here to make money, not get results. Douchebag.

From there, we decided to open up our own Crossfit® box.

HQ: What is your favorite movement?

Allie: Pull-ups and hang cleans. Heavy ones.

HQ: Why add WBBC to your community?

Allie: There is so much more to exercise than just the workouts. WBBC touches people on a new level. They get emotional and it breeds extreme loyalty when you can make them more fit mentally and emotionally as well as physically.

Before WBBC it was common for my staff to get lost in the “curse of competency”. I needed WBBC for the way it taught me to reach my clients on a deeper level; the exercise is just a bonus.

People have been known to also use WBBC as a training method for new coaches. Also, the daily meeting with HQ has helped keep owners and their staff always searching for more, for a way to do their job better day after day.

HQ: What’s the secret sauce of the World’s Best Boot Camp in your opinion… the stuff that if you’re not trained on by WBBC HQ you won’t get.. no matter how much someone tries to copy our website?

Allie: The secret sauce is in the gray matter – the psychology around getting in a camper’s head and directing their thoughts to where you want them to go.

Best of all, they think it was their idea to bring all their friends and join CrossFit® afterwards.

HQ: Can you tell us about some of your troopers and how they’ve impacted you?

Allie: There was one Trooper that sticks in my mind. During a PT session I told her she was powerful. Unbeknownst to me, she thought about this for about a week afterwards and began applying it to all aspects of her life. This trooper has said she was  even able to take her business to a new level because of her gained confidence!

What I didn’t know was that her husband was bipolar and had left her to run the business and manage her 3 kids alone. She had the lowest self confidence she had ever had and when I said that to her, something clicked.

Making women feel strong and empowered is the most fulfilling part of this job!

Another gal in the WBBC was a skinny gal whose husband told her she was not allowed to join CrossFit® because she might gain weight and be less attractive to him. I couldn’t believe this!

After a trip through our WBBC, she went from a nervous and frail woman to a super hot and RIPPED gal with some confidence.

She is now on my staff and motivates others in the same way she was motivated on her journey. Daily, her confidence is still growing as new troopers are looking up to her for guidance! Who would have thought this would happen?!

Also, she and her husband are both now members of Crossfit Credence and lift heavy things often. (and side note: her husband thinks she is hotter than ever!)

HQ: Why are women leading biggers camps in WBBC than men? You’ve had 70 people in a camp.. all new people… not any from your CrossFit® clientele… How?

Allie: Women can take hints!

Just being in-tune with the emotions of a potential sign up makes getting that YES easier. The connections during camp are stronger because women can relate to other women – they share struggles, like feeling bloated; I just peed while jumping rope; I can’t stop my husband from eating pizza in front of me, etc.

HQ: Burch has said that women can be better than men at owning a box.. due to the duality of appealing to BOTH men who respect them (especially if they are a badass) and women that want to emulate them.. Do you agree or disagree and why?

Allie: Agree! Its totally easier for both men and women to approach a woman (over a man).

Although the woman in authority has a mild intimidation factor, she is easier to approach than a man because society has built up a woman to be the weaker sex – which in this case actually works in our favor.

HQ: What do you want to say to any woman interested in running a WBBC territory… either a sole owner or someone who has a business partner/husband?

Allie: This isn’t just a workout program, this is a life changer for women (and some men) you WOULD NOT have otherwise reached.

The first natural reaction for a competitive CrossFit® coach is, but wait, I’m passionate about CrossFit® – not about boot camp. That’s great, I hope plenty of people who CrossFit® wander into your gym.

The other option is taking this group of people who think they could never do what we do and training them to overcome all of their obstacles and fears- making them people who end up doing CrossFit®.

Everyone loves it when a good regional athlete wanders in and asks for your membership prices but if you’d like to get more than one a year, BUILD THEM from scratch. There is absolutely nothing more satisfying.

HQ: What is one of your favorite things to do outside of the box?

Allie: I love to watch my kids play in the sprinklers and listen to their happy screams when they realize it’s cold.

HQ: When you’re tired, what quote/song, etc motivates you to GSD?

Allie: Rick Ross- Hustlin.

Some numbers you might like..

  • Best month so far – $49,300 (Although in June they’re predicted to finish at $70K)
  • Number of Athletes using their facility – 351
  • Biggest WBBC Camp – 68


Stay tuned because more badass women are coming your way on the blog…

Hint: Our next Influential Woman used CrossFit® to help her recover from her double mastectomy and multiple reconstruction surgeries.
PS. Get your chance to talk to all of these brave women on July 7th by clicking on this link.

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