michelle pic for blogAs promised, here is our interview with Girls.Run.Shit. (Top 6 Women in the Fitness Industry You Don’t Know… And Probably Should!) MICHELLE out of Ohio!

HQ: How did you get into CrossFit®?

Michelle: I was just coming off a double mastectomy and multiple reconstruction surgeries.

My doctors had warned me that I may never be able to do things that used much upper body strength again due to complications from the surgery. They wanted me to prepare myself for the possibility that push ups, pull ups, and other upper body exercises just may not be in the cards for me.

At first they were 100 % right, I could not even make it through a full WOD. However, in time I was able to begin completing WODs. After a year I was able to RX in WODs with pull ups and rope climbs!

Through the use of CrossFit® programming and training, I was able to regain strength and mobility that the doctors never expected me to have again.

HQ: Favorite workout/movement?

Michelle: Kettlebell Swings and Power Cleans

HQ: At what point/moment did you decide to open a box?

Michelle: Within a year of each other I lost my mom to breast cancer and was laid off from teaching.  I was looking for something I could do that would make my mom proud and that I loved.

Creating a box where everyone was welcome and could find success is something that both of us would have been happy with. So I started to make plans to open CrossFit 330 with our found principle being Fitness for EveryBODY!

HQ: Why add WBBC to your community?

Michelle: We were looking for a way to bridge that gap between not working out and doing CrossFit®.

We had found that even though CrossFit® was scalable and modifiable a great deal of people were scared of the very word CrossFit®.

I was a member of the Tribe and when the time was right for us we jumped at the opportunity to bring WBBC to CrossFit 330.

HQ: What’s the secret sauce of the World’s Best Boot Camp in your opinion… the stuff that if you’re not trained on by WBBC HQ you won’t get.. no matter how much someone tries to copy our website?

Michelle: Can we pick just one?!

The whole World’s Best Boot Camp experience is unlike anything that you will experience anywhere else…

For our troops that secret sauce is the support troopers experience from the first moment they step in. Hell, even before they step in they are getting support in our group. I have had countless troopers tell me that without the support of the commanders and other troopers that they would not be able to get through the workout or push as hard.

That extra support gets them extra results. The grey matter plays a huge part in our support system with our Battle Buddies as well. I know that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery but the bottom line is those other” boot camps” are NOT giving people the entire package.

At The World’s Best Boot Camp we are actually setting out to change people’s lives and it shows.

HQ: What are some stories from Troopers of yours that have touched you?

Michelle: Amy was one of our first troopers. She had a knee replacement and needs another one.

She had tried everything in the book to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle, but it never stuck. One day at school she told me she wanted to join WBBC- I got her signed up that day.

The first day was really hard for her, but she kept coming back. There were awesome days… and there were some bad days… but through it all she stuck with not just 1 camp, but 2 and then joined CrossFit®.

She is now off her anti-depressants, blood pressure medications and insulin. She has lost weight and gained a ton of confidence. She has more range of motion in her knees now then she has since she was a kid. She has also gotten her children working out!

She is a role model for changing your lifestyle and reaping the benefits.”

And, Joe is a former 2 troop WBBC member as well. He started camp after seeing the results that his friends were having.

The first few workouts were rough for Joe. He hadn’t worked out in a long time. He would position himself at the back of the group and tried to fade in the background as much as he could…

He came in and worked hard every day. He changed his diet and started eating some paleo meals. He did the bonus training and started a walking club at school. His hard worked paid off. He was named the Biggest Transformation not only of our camp, but worldwide. HE was so excited! He was even more excited when he went shopping and had to buy pants 2 sizes smaller.

In December he went back to see his doctor. His dr was amazed at the change in his numbers. His weight was down, his body fat was down, his blood works NORMAL! His doctor was so impressed that he told Joe he would recommend our program to other patients.

As you can see Joe, found a lot of success in the program. Another success that I see from Joe joining WBBC is the transformation in his confidence. He no longer hides in the back during a workout – he is front and center. He has emerged as a leader in classes and motivator to new troopers in WBBC.

HQ: Why are women leading biggers camps in WBBC than men? You’ve had 70 people in a camp.. all new people… not any from your CrossFit® clientele… How?

Michelle: The thing is that sometimes men are intimidating…

Their size, strength and passion just doesn’t always translate well to what women are looking for. I think when a woman talks to another woman there is a common ground of “I get it” right from the get go that helps to make that solid connection.

It is much less intimidating to walk into a class knowing you have something in common with the commander and knowing they understand what a woman’s mind and body are going through.

HQ: Burch has said that women can be better than men at owning a box.. due to the duality of appealing to BOTH men who respect them (especially if they are a badass) and women that want to emulate them.. Do you agree or disagree and why?

Michelle: I do agree. It goes back to what I was saying about connecting with women…

As a woman if you can say knock out 20 handstand push ups in a row men are going to look at you and say, “damn, that’s awesome; I want to be able to do that you are going to build trust as a trainer with them”. On the flip side if women see you doing something they would like to be able to do or rocking out a tank or shorts they would like to wear and you can show them that you care about them not only as a client but as a person you are going to build trust with them.

HQ: What do you want to say to any woman interested in running a WBBC territory… either a sole owner or someone who has a business partner/husband?

It’s one of the MOST rewarding programs you will ever be involved in. It is an emotional journey that not only helps your clients physically but also mentally and emotionally.

HQ: What do you do in your spare time?

Michelle: Read and vacation.

HQ: When you’re tired, what quote/song, etc motivates you to GSD?

Michelle: The best way for me to get motivated to to actually have a nap or meditate. When I don’t have time for that I jam to Madonna and GSD.”


Some badass numbers at CrossFit 330:

* Best Month’s Gross- $23,373 (we have only been open15 months)

* Number of Athletes @ your Gym- 98

* Biggest WBBC Camp Size- 46

Stay tuned because more badass women are coming your way on the blog…

Hint: Our next Influential Woman was so great we had to hire her to work for HQ

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