Is your gym known for producing the best transformations and results in town?

If the answer is NO….

you’re failing to provide your clients with a complete solution to accomplish what they really want.



Take a deep breath,

and keep reading..

[only if you give a shit and want to offer the best]


You and I believe in CrossFit® to the core.  


We want to PR our Fran or PR our deadlift, watch endless videos on movement efficiency and technique and could talk about the history and development of CrossFit® for hours. But the reality is that most of our members come and train with us because

they want to get lean,

fit into their clothes,

look better naked

and have sex with the lights on!


Yep…I went ahead said it, but it’s 100% true.

Once we embrace and accept this, we’ll be better armed

with how to help our clients with what they’re really looking for.


Most of the members that walk through our doors

have tried every single diet known to man…

counted and restricted calories….

over-exercised to burn off the weekend binges…

or worse, have taken some ridiculous weight loss pill.


Leaving them frustrated, hungry, and with little to NO real results!

There is a BIG difference between dieting to lose weight and eating to lose fat!


And it’s our job, as fitness professionals, to know the difference and to know Exactly how to help them. Yet, we are still offering up incomplete solutions to solve the problem.


Sending an email with a link to a CrossFit® Journal article on nutrition,

Giving a basic Zone block prescription, or putting on a Paleo Challenge a few times a year hardly qualifies as a sound system to produce the best results in town.


I realized the inadequacies of all of those options very early on.

I also realized that very little if any CrossFit® gyms (and gyms in general) offer high-quality nutrition programs for their community.


The system I’ve developed, The Lean Machine: 30 Day Fat Loss Program™ is the best and most impactful program we’ve ever offered. Over the past 3 years I’ve taken over 329 clients through these protocols and collectively they have lost over 3,619 lbs of FAT and 3,224 inches!!


Those are some pretty AWESOME numbers!

The ability to get off medication, decreases in cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar, improved self esteem and confidence are some of the many documented success stories of this program.


We offer The Lean Machine™ 3x year and generate an average of 15K with each program and 45K a year. Most importantly we’ve helped a TON of people change their lifestyle and improve their health. I want your members and business to experience the same life-changing results, which is why we are making The Lean Machine™ available for everyone!


11147087_10205517807040556_8670822131674251408_n-300x300Holly is the owner of CrossFit Peabody. Since becoming partners with Burch, her gym has more than tripled its monthly gross.

She created the Lean Machine 3 years ago, and has sent 100’s through the program and is THRILLED to be offering the program to other affiliate owners. Purchase The Lean Machine: 30 Day Fat Loss program here.



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