This is it, finito. This is your last chance to join The BIZ 2.0. And here is why you should not sleep on this opportunity:

We know we have told you this story once before, but we must reiterate because we don’t want you to keep making the same mistakes! So here goes the story again…

Ever heard of Dale Crover? He’s the guy that turned down a job as drummer for Nirvana. I bet he’s done a good job of rationalizing that decision since then.

You can forgive your mistakes, but you never forget them.

But when you’re forced to rationalize something, it’s a pretty good indication you’re justifying bad results to yourself.

You’re luckier than him; you don’t have to predict the one-in-a-million breakout of a rock band.

But your choices will follow you all the same. Some people are not going to join The Tribe.

They’re going to hedge their bets instead. Right when the rest of us are shifting into high gear… these few are going to get left behind. As you’re deciding whether you’re going to be one of them, ask yourself this:

Do I want to have to rationalize this decision later? In the mean time, check out what these CEOs had to say about their biggest career regrets.

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