OSWEGO, NY - JUNE 20: A child waits with a box of food at a food distribution by the Food Bank of the Southern Tier Mobile Food Pantry on June 20, 2012 in Oswego, New York. The mobile food pantry program was introduced in 2007 in the Southern Tier of New York and covers nearly 4,000 predominately rural miles. The converted beverage truck delivers fresh produce, dairy products and other grocery items to individuals and families in need. The pantry typically distributes for a period of two hours and provides 100 to 160 families with food. According to the 2010 Census, 15.72% the population serviced by the mobile pantry live at or below the federal poverty level. According to statistics presented at a recent U.S. Senate committee hearing, almost one in seven Americans are living below the poverty line with a significant number of them being children.  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

If I asked you right now to tell a room full of affiliate owners your monthly revenue….

Would a part of you, deep down, feel ashamed at how low they are?

Well, I know EXACTLY what that is like.

(Even just writing about this is getting my palms sweaty. My breathing is getting faster… but here goes…)

I was the kid whose family was so broke… what I had to look forward to for an after school snack when I got home from school was government cheese.

(You may have seen a version of this in an email before – but there’s a good reason I’m telling you this story again – you’ll see what I mean when you keep reading..)

So, if you’re not familiar with the Reagan ‘80’s…  there was this program for poor families that couldn’t afford groceries where you could sign up to receive cheese from the government.

Now, this “government cheese” was NASTY.

It came in a box and weighed about 4 pounds. It was an unnatural orange color and tasted like crap.

But since I was raised by my grandparents – having been abandoned by both parents and survived abuse in 2 foster homes – I was grateful for this cheese.

During the early part of the week, it was a little cheese with eggs or maybe a cheese sandwich… but as the week wore on… and money got tight… it was just… hunks of cheese eaten by hand.

It filled me up when I would have been hungry.

Looking back…

That’s when I made a vow to never, ever be in that place in my life again – the place of “hat in hand”, looking for a handout and scared of where my next meal would come from.

I’m proud to have been a self-made man since then… but sometimes in the blur of running a business I forget what it feels like to live with that uncertainty of knowing there’s just not enough $ to take care of yourself and your family – and the shame that that carries with it – even when you are working as hard as you can, so it’s not your fault.

I know some of you are fighting your own version of that battle right now  to “never eatgovernment cheese”…

You want to save your gym and make a living doing what you love.

Well, an affiliate owner called me yesterday and confided that he wished he had signedup for The Tribe because he didn’t and now his business closed and he’s got tofigure out how to pay back the loans he took out to open his box.

And I don’t want that to happen to you.

I want you to have the resources to provide for yourself and your family.

It takes courage to take a chance on something new – I know.

But I also know firsthand that it’spossible and that it’s worth it.

That kid in me who deserved a chance to prove he could succeed wants to pay it forward…

Thats’ why I built the Tribe – to help other gym owners make a good living doing what they love – coaching.

Click here to get into The Tribe now and start turning things around at your box.


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