If you’ve been getting our emails, you know there’s a conversation evolving in the community right now, around the intersection of business and coaching strategies.

We know that you love coaching and aspire to be a great coach to your clients… But how can you actually QUANTIFY your success as a coach?

– Does having a Games competitor at your box mean you’re good?

– Does your business gross mean you’re a great coach?

– Is it about the number of clients you have?

Burch remembers looking up at Andy Petranek’s leader board in ‘06 and asking him, “I see the same 8-9 names… What happened to the rest of your clients?”

The leader board only signifies the OUTLIERS of your gym, especially if it doesn’t represent a diverse group.

Exactly how diverse? That’s not clear. But a tight cluster of the same names is probably not reflective of the entire client base.

So, here’s the question we’re obsessed with at The BIZ right now:

Is it possible to use the same BIZ tools that enable you to quantify the success of your business to QUANTIFY YOUR COACHING?

And if you could do that, what would that look like?

If coaching has little to do with elite athletes’ successes on leader boards, then which criteria can you use instead to tell if you’re as effective as possible as a coach?

Here’s one answer we’re experimenting with:


Take a wide enough sampling of your clients’ results by tracking PRs, and you’ll soon find out how good of a coach you REALLY are because leader boards are only a measure of ACCOMPLISHMENT, not PROGRESS.

PRs are the best way to evaluate what your job is as a coach: to get people RESULTS. Your value to your clients is ONLY based on the results that YOU give them. (A 500lb deadlift for example, is only a measure of your coaching if that client came in with a 200lb deadlift.)

By the way, by “result” we mean more than just training performance; an equally important measure of a gym’s success is its ability to INSPIRE and TRANSFORM all of its clients—at every level.

Isn’t that why clients sign up, keep coming back and ultimately turn average boxes into the biggest financial successes?

Now, here comes the tricky part… HOW do you measure PRs?

Putting up a central board is a great start, and we can also do a lot more…

What are your ideas for how to quantify coaching at your box?

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