like a boss

You may not have the heaviest deadlift or the fastest “King Kong” time. Doesn’t matter – every time you open your gym doors, everyone—clients AND staff—know you are the baddest motherfucker around…right?

Imagine… As soon as clients see you, they immediately stop slathering themselves in a chalk bath and happily stack their leftover weights…quietly.

Your associates never goof around, and are the not-fucking-around-crew, lead by YOU.


Because you’re the backbone of your business.

YOU train your staff to be hard workers and highly qualified coaches and members of society.

YOU care about every single member that walks through your doors and want to make their lives better for being in your space.


Now…if you don’t feel that way. That’s ok (we’ve all been there)…here’s a starter’s manual:

Yeah yeah…I’m not a business owner… BUT I am the person who works closest with Burch all the time (scary, I know, and yes – I’ve seen more Burchisodes than anyone).

Having been on every conference, consulting and check in call – I’ve seen what’s in the formula for being a BOSS business owner—and now I’m sharing that secret recipe with you.

(Warning: If I’ve learned anything from The Burch, it’s that expletives are always appropriate when you’re getting. shit. done.)

1. ACT like you own the place.

Because you g-d damn do. You paid for those rowers, and rig, and rings and everything else… You have the receipts to show it.

2. KNOW that you own the place.

Know your numbers. Know how much money you’re making, how many clients you have, your average client value, your best month’s gross, last month’s gross.

Yeah, we know these numbers sound boring as shit, but that’s a MAN’S way of working.

3. Lead by example.

Wonder why your coaches are late or don’t contribute to the business? Reflect on your own actions as a leader. If they aren’t manning up…it’s probably because YOU’RE not manning up.

Your coaches and associates need to know that the person they are working for can roll up his sleeves, sign up clients, do intros, hand out business cards, plan events and sell merchandise, with his eyes closed.

If that’s not you…time to admit it and learn how.

4. Power poses (aka look like a beast).

Has anyone told you they didn’t realize you were ‘that tall’ when you told them your height? #ouch

Live up to your height and create a TALL presence. Stand tall to assert your power and dominance.

Don’t believe me? Maybe Harvard Business School grad and social psychologist Amy Cuddy can put it in simpler terms for you.

5. Smile.

Yeah, there are times to be a hardass, but the best bosses are people, too. Show them that working hard doesn’t come at the cost of who you are. You can be a man and a fricken sweetheart at the same time.

After we work our asses off and have an awesome campaign, Burch usually treats us to a nice lunch and champagne.

Set your team up for success, and when they follow through and follow your lead – buy ‘em a round or two.

6. Ask for help. This isn’t like asking for directions on a roadtrip (only pansies do that).

When it comes to your business, you don’t know what you don’t know. If there’s a part of your business that’s suffering, there’s someone who has done it better and can show you how to do it, too. Think of it like getting a blueprint to build your first house…you can’t draw the blueprint, but you sure as hell will put all your blood, sweat and tears into building that thing. (In this case, we have the blueprint…and your gym is the house).

7. Fight your problems head on.

It’s easy to get caught up in training and watching oly video after oly video.

But if you’re worrying about how to pay any of the bills for your business… or how much you’re going to take home at the end of the month… or how you’re going to provide enough for your family… shut down your Youtube account and open your checkbooks.


You don’t get to play around during open gym anymore…you need to train for your business like you used to train for regionals…24/7.

Did you check off all 7 boxes?

CONGRATS….you have earned your man card. Now, you’re allowed to get back to trimming your beard, chopping wood or fighting that grizzly in your backyard.

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