slide_412634_5211918_freeLet me start by saying that this article is going to piss a lot of people off. That is not my intention… I am offering a perspective of potential clients that you otherwise may not have been able to connect with.

I am relatively new to CrossFit® as an active participant. I joined my current gym only a little over a year ago and have had a great experience, but to be honest, I wouldn’t have taken the first step if I had not already been working for The BIZ.

This gives me a unique perspective as someone who would have passed you by but am currently enrolled.

The following comes from my personal experience… I guarantee that you have thousands (or tens or hundreds of thousands) of people who are just like me who probably won’t join your gym unless you understand how to communicate to them and solve their problems.


1: Your program is too hardcore and intimidating.

I get it. You were an athlete in high school and college. Weight training is nothing new to you. You have a tight-knit group of badasses who forge the culture of your gym.

Look, there are a lot of people who totally get it, but I’m here to tell you there is a broad audience who don’t as well. I was never an athlete, I had literally never lifted a barbell, and have never really wanted anything from exercise other than aesthetic and health related results. You may not realize it, but you are likely fostering a community that is NOT welcoming to these kinds of people.


2: I’m going to pass on the Koolaid thank you.

Let me preface by saying I think functional fitness is great. I think that you get a really great workout in a short period of time, and done properly, is very good for you. That being said, 90% of the community is too dogmatic. Paleo? I’m going with Pale-no. WOD? I think I’ll stick with workout. PR my deadlift? Sure, but look good in a bathing suit, YES.

You see where I’m going with this? It’s ok for people to have different goals. It’s ok for people to like working out at your gym, but not be obsessed with CrossFit®.  The culture doesn’t have to be all or nothing.


3: Cost is a sticking point (initially)

As someone raised by a single (and very “frugal”) mom, I do not part with money easily, and before trying the program I’m in now, I would never have considered spending that much on a gym. I’m sure that you consider this type of person too impossible to get as a client and not to waste your time, but the year contract I renewed this month would beg to differ.

That’s where your sales funnel comes in (dear god, please email me if you don’t know what I’m talking about [email protected] and I’ll help you out). You need a way for people to see the value of your program before they become a member. Because trust me, they do not.
Hopefully I haven’t pissed too many people off, and if you want to get WAY more value than this rant on other perspectives, come to our Million Dollar Minds seminar in Los Angeles on Dec 4th and 5th (featuring K-Starr). You can feel free to come argue with me to my face, but trust me, the seminar is going to be worth your time.



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