Day 1

Trust me, I know where you are right now.

You search Google for “How to build your BOX”

You spend hours worrying about the future of your business.

You have sleepless nights.

You “think” your current marketing is great, but no one is being impacted by it.

That’s where we were 8 months ago.

In December, I started researching ways to build our CrossFit® business and set us APART from any other gym in our area.

I found The World’s Best Boot Camp and The BIZ and did some adequate stalking on Facebook.

I spent hours on the phone with members of WBBC and found the INCREDIBLE SUCCESS it was bringing their gyms.


We didn’t buy in at this time. Instead, we tried our own 6 week program.

And we had 12 new people come into the gym. They all stayed in the gym afterwards also!!!

Still…This wasn’t good enough to for me…

You see, I’m ultra competitive. I wanted to see the same kind numbers that other WBBC Licensees we’re seeing—like $20k in ONE day!!!

So, after serious conversation convincing my siblings (who I own the gym with), we called and committed to The World’s Best Boot Camp….



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June 27th we had the largest camp The WBBC ever at the time  with 70+ on enlistment day.

We gained 45 CrossFitters after camp, and we just had our second enlistment day where 20 past troopers did their second camp and 50+ brand new troopers!

We will close out August with 220+ members in our box, we are adding square footage to our current space, and will most likely have $35k in GROSS!!

I’ve also became a STRONGER leader because of the Commander’s Group.

Right now there’s nothing stopping us.

I’ve also found out how empowering it is mentoring others!!!

Our success has been life changing on so MANY levels and now we are helping other boxes succeed as well.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s a phone call away, you and your success as a business.

Be the BUZZ of your community and have the success you’ve dreamed of.

Join us in the business of changing LIVES!!!

All my love and well wishes.

samantha stine

– Samantha Stine

(Owner/Commander of World’s Best Boot Camp Wayne County)

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