pillblogIn part 1 of my blog, I wrote about discipline, or more specifically lack of the right discipline.


If you didn’t read my last post, read it here before you continue!

I thought I was disciplined. I thought I was doing ‘what it took to be successful’

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

After working with Burch for the last 5 months, not only have I tripled my revenue, but I now operate on a completely different level.


From the minute I wake up, to the minute I go to bed

My thoughts, my actions, my output is different.

If you’re business and life isn’t where you want it to be, you’ve got to get disciplined.

Based on my experience, here are the top 3 things I’ve drastically changed.


1. Know your numbers:

This sounds like a simple one, but the truth is you probably don’t.

But I’m willing to be you know your last Fran time or your deadlift PR.

We are CrossFit® athletes at heart. I get it.

But if you want success in business, you’ve gotta put the same focus into the numbers as you do your WODs.


I can tell you exactly the number of active members, current members for the month, how many intros we have scheduled, total monthly revenue, revenue breakdown for each program and service we offer, what our daily targets are and if we are on pace, behind or exceeding our monthly goal.


I wasn’t breaking it all down like that before. I only knew total revenue, revenue for each program, total member and monthly members.

If you want to make big jumps and be really dialed in, you’ll start tracking the others.


  1. Hold yourself accountable

This is a big one for me. Not only do I have personal goals, but I have company goals and goals for each of my team members.

I’ve always had goals, but didn’t hold myself accountable in the same way.

If I look back on it, I put in a lot of hours, but really only ‘worked’ or made $$ 4 ½ days a week.

Since I was coaching every class, I was toast by the end of the week.

Friday’s were half days, Saturday’s were just for coaching AM classes, and Sunday’s were definitely OFF.

I still put in a lot of hours, but now I hold myself accountable to working effectively and being a better leader.


If I’m not holding myself accountable to getting shit done and hustlin’, neither will my team.

I want my team to grow and improve, but no one will ever out work me.

I’ve changed my actions and everyone’s output has improved.


  1. Plan shit out

At the beginning of the month, we sat down and planned out EXACTLY what November and December will look like.

What programs are we running?

What events are we putting on?

What promotions are we offering?

What is our goal?


And then we laid out all of the dates, deadlines and action items.

Instead of showing up to work wondering what the hell I should be doing, I now have specific targets to drive towards.


This has made a huge impact on what I’m working on, how we are marketing and how my team is working.

Try em’ out and see how they improve your business.

These days I let our results drive changes.

We’re only 19 days into the month, but we’ll end November with our HIGHEST grossing month ever!

I’d say the system is working!


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