“The Burch”

I learned very early on, somewhere in my 3rd year in the Air Force, that I wanted to run a business. It might have been my anti-authoritarian nature or my desire to build “something”. I’m not sure what the precise reason was but I jumped in at the ripe old age of 20 years old. My first business (which you could read about in other pages on this site) taught me a LOT… the most important lessons came in the form of what I was doing wrong. Eventually I learned and grew and sold that business to my first employee which – as of this writing – is still operating 20 years later. I then spent several years being a hired gun – digging into the dark corners and reworking the operating procedures of multiple businesses. I found my niche was in small to mid size businesses that were great at what they did but had a lousy system and therefore had problems.

Finding CrossFit® was a lark. I was working and surfing the internet (like most people – c’mon) and saw Greg Amundson doing a WOD with 45 lb dumbbell thrusters and muscle ups – 21-15-9… and 6 and 1/2 minutes later he was a sweaty mess lying on the floor. I was hooked! I went to the Crossfit.com main site and watched NASTY GIRLS which led me to the nearest Affiliate CrossFit LA (then called Petranek Fitness). My first WOD handed me my ass. As I lay on the floor, half dead (don’t ask me the WOD – I can’t remember or blocked it out of my memory) I realized what I had stumbled upon. A movement on the cusp.

After transforming CrossFit LA (for more see the Case Studies) I started helping other affiliates. Since 2008 I’ve worked with hundreds of Affiliates. The best part of what I do is when an Affiliate tells me that his dream of running a sustainable business is a REALITY and it happened after he started using the tools I offer. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the increasing grosses didn’t ALSO make me smile but I look beyond the mere numbers to know the whole story… that a better, more effective and profitable business leads to a better life.Burch and Klokov










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