(If you’re a serious gym owner, that loves his clients, then you’ll want to read this whole thing 2Xs)

“Hands down the greatest product… even if you owned a gym for years or just starting!”



DO NOT watch this video unless you are THE person I’m talking to in the statements to the right

  • You want to do it better than the places you trained or worked at... if you just KNEW how to get started!
  • You're tired of working for someone else and JUST WANT A CHANCE TO PROVE YOURSELF!
  • You have a burning desire to QUIT dreaming - START living your passion - regardless of your experience!
  • You know to have a GREAT business you need more skills than just COACHING but you're overwhelmed with EXACTLY where to start!

Burch here

By the time you're done reading this I'm going to explain - FOR FREE - the 7 pitfalls that will DOOM you unless you learn how to fix them...

But I'll go one better...

I'll tell you WHAT steps need to be taken to actually FIX them.

But before we get to that (chill, we'll get to it, promise) we need to delve deeper into some important questions that may be bugging you.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear something like this that will help my business, I listen.

Here's what most affiliates struggle with:

The worst part of deciding to open your own box is being stuck on the fence, tempted to take the risk but worried you'll be in over your head.

  • “The BIZ is just legit. I know because I’ve been in the game for 30 years. Every other program sucks balls, they don’t know how to do what John Burch and his team fucking know. Burch is honest and blunt and it works.”

    - John Hackleman

    The Pit

  • You keep wondering, what REALLY works? Should I do an On-Ramp/Elements program? Should I post my prices online?

    How do I develop my team? Do I ever get a vacation? What's the right marketing strategy?

    How do I price the memberships? Should I go with the standard $150 per month unlimited price? Am I selling myself short?

    Which business approach has the best track-record for success?

    How much $$$ do the GREAT BOXES really make?

    Is this just a hobby... or can I make it my career??

    With LAUNCHGASM - your passion doesn't have to be just a hobby anymore.

    Launchgasm gets you unstuck by providing ALL the tools you need to avoid common pitfalls that can cost valuable time, money and relationships while opening a box.

    And we show you how to decide on strategy to work effectively. ...By showing you how it’s done and get your staff to this information.


    Get it wrong the first time, and you stand to lose a lot of money or lose your business outright. And you can also lose in a lot of other important ways as well: frustration, fatigue, confusion, high turnover, crazy hours, the stress of living with debt, the risk of ruining your relationships and just the plain old pain of failure.

    Nobody wants to replace their "GRAND OPENING" sign with "GRAND CLOSING."

    When you get Launchgasm, you’ll quickly and easily start running your business without any worry.

    No doubt about it - opening your first box can be BRUTAL. And the truth is:


    But if you’re smart, you’ve saved your "first time" for your "true love": CrossFit® ;)

    RIGHT NOW aspiring CrossFit® box owners are in the unique position to get it right the first time. The BIZ has created all the tools you need - financial, logistical, structural, psychological and motivational - to succeed at opening your own CrossFit® box the first time!

    These tools are derived from years of experience training box owners - because the best way to succeed with a new box is to LEARN FROM THE COMMUNITY THAT IS ALREADY CRUSHING IT.

    Here's the secret: All the things you know about being a great coach? There's just as much to learn about running a business - that's what most people fail to realize when they open a box out of passion for CrossFit®; PASSION ALONE JUST ISN'T ENOUGH.

    The BIZ has designed this comprehensive system for new affiliates specifically to complement your great coaching.

    Here are the 7 MISTAKES you need to avoid if you don’t want your CrossFit® box launch to turn into a memory you'd rather forget:

    1. Failing to build an audience BEFORE you open
    2. Using the wrong strategy
    3. Leasing the wrong space
    4. Buying the wrong equipment
    5. Disorganization
    6. Lack of focus
    7. Reinventing the wheel

    Here’s what you'll learn with Launchgasm

    “Best, Best, Best money I ever spent. Did I say best?”


    Plant the seeds of your future client list by building an audience before your doors open. You'll love our 12-point checklist - it will get you TONS more people who are willing to pay you BEFORE YOU EVEN HAVE a space (and we'll tell you why that's EVEN better).


    How to set strategic goals by reverse-engineering your numbers - watch our ground-breaking video to learn the REAL numbers and what you need to do BEFORE day one. Simple, intuitive accounting templates help you master your budget and see EXACTLY where your money is coming in and going out.


    Written by a commercial real estate agent, this will show you how to choose the perfect location (or re-negotiate your current location) by our simple checklist. Don't even THINK of signing a lease until you've read this!


    How to buy the right equipment - Use our space calculator to show you the EXACT equipment you need AND use our checklist to choose the equipment that gives you this, the BIGGEST BANG FOR THE BUCK!


    How to get financially organized with a Ready, Aim, Launch 3-step guide to budgeting and managing your gym.


    How to stay on track by using this pre-launch checklist of every single step leading up to a successful launch. You'll know EXACTLY what you have to do - and most importantly WHY you have to do it - after following our checklist. By the time you’re open, this will make your money back.


    How to keep learning from the masters with 3 months FREE access to The BIZ online forum (normally a feature available EXCLUSIVELY to Tribe members!) - Stand on the shoulders of GIANTS who've been where you are and are massively successful.


    THIS OFFER IS ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME... trust me, you DON'T want this to happen to you:

  • After much thinking (actually not that much... it's a no-brainer) I've decided to make the move from "hobby-ist" to Business Owner now that this stuff is getting real. Is Tribe enrollment closed forever?!? Do I have to settle for getting the BIZ KIT PRO for now? John was right when I talked to him on the phone a few months ago... I'm kicking myself for not joining when he offered me a discount. Help me step it up!

    - Dave Eisen

    CrossFit Lakas

  • Sign up now to make a living doing what you love - CrossFit® - for a one-time payment of just...



    Risk-Free Guarantee!

    LaunchGasm is backed by a "100%-never-have-to-worry-about-it-we-got-your-back-bro" guarantee hooked into it...

    See, we believe in what we have created and if it's not working for you, I'll do you a solid and just refund the whole kit'nkaboodle, no questions asked.

    It's time to stop waffling and start making a ton of money doing what you LOVE for a living.

    Here's what people have to say about how BIZ materials have helped them launch their own boxes:

    • We've been open for 3 1/2 months and it's never felt like being at "work". No matter what obstacles we've faced or will face in the future I've never had a doubt that we're going to succeed and live the life that we imagine.

      - Justin Flagg

      CrossFit Suncoast

    • Damn Jen, good lookin' on the materials, you guys are no joke! Please you and John keep doin' what your doin'!

      - Darren Taylor

      CrossFit Dumbo

    • Steve and I started CrossFit Ocean City 4 years ago. With the support of The BIZ community, our business has grown steadily every quarter for the past three years. You don't have to be in a big city with millions of people to have a huge impact. You don't need everyone; you just need the right ones. The BIZ can help you determine who those people are, how to reach them, and how to run an efficient, profitable business.

      - Kelley Rakow


    So, if you're ready for your "first time," make sure you're using "protection"... ;)

    Sign up now to make a living doing what you love - CrossFit® - for a one-time payment of just...



    Risk-Free Guarantee!

    LaunchGasm is backed by a "100%-never-have-to-worry-about-it-we-got-your-back-bro" guarantee hooked into it...

    See, we believe in what we have created and if it's not working for you, I'll do you a solid and just refund the whole kit'nkaboodle, no questions asked.