For the next 14 weeks these two WOD newbies will battle it out to win $25,000 and become the face of the new BIZ apparel line, Raise Your Game.

So, who exactly are
Mari and Chandler?

Mari is a a Firebreather in the making. Her goal for the next 14 weeks is to whip herself into elite athletic shape with an aggressive training regiment. She hopes this will prepare her to ultimately become a coach so she can spread awareness of the benefits and rewards of CrossFit.

“I always lifted and I always played sports, was really athletic. But CrossFit filled in the gaps for me. It’s the best workout. It’s not just about looking good; I really want to master the techniques, beat my times. As I see myself progress, I just want to push myself more.”

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Chandler is embracing CrossFit as means to enhance her health, fitness and way of life. Her goal for the next 14 weeks is to attain optimal health despite facing a health challenge by reducing her bmi from 22 to 18 through a disciplined paleo diet, mobility and regular, modified CrossFit workouts.

“I’d just like to be able to do one pullup!!! Just one would make me happy :) I’ve had a lot of medical problems my whole life and I’ve never really gotten big into fitness, but I’m finally getting all clear from the doctors and CrossFit is something I really want to do! Because it’s not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle.”

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