When I shot this video 2 months ago, it was amazing that a World’s Best Boot Camp Licensee had made 9 thousand dollars  in a single day.

That still sounds like a lot, right?

I mean, in your wildest imagination…

How much do you think your box could do in revenue in a single day?



Maybe… if you’re REALLY ambitious…


Well, you’re setting your sights way too low.

2 months after I shot this video sharing how the Timms of CrossFit Credence achieved their very first (but not last) 9 thousand dollar day…

CrossFit Credence is now on track to make their first 40 thousand dollar day! 

($39,840 technically… but pretty darn close.)

Want to know how these box owners have QUADRUPLED their highest earning day ever in just 2 months?

(I really hope so, because nothing they are doing is out of reach for any box owner.)

The Worlds’ Best Boot Camp Revolution is happening Thursday Aug 27th, so click here to join the event.

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