I can attest to using this product line to get both STRENGTH gains and met-con improvements while dropping body fat and recovering faster.

So it’s simple to understand why we’re supporting this company.

We’ve made it EASY to know what we think YOUR CLIENTS will like… just click through (wait – READ this WHOLE thing) to our page… and see the bundles… They’re all things CF’ers will love.. especially SPARK and NIGHTTIME RECOVERY

Any remotely serious athlete should use both Spark and Nighttime Recovery.

There’s also:
Omega Plex – super high EPA and DHA
Multi vitamin

We’ve selected at least 15 products you CAN (not must) make residual income off.

Your clients will really thank you…

I’ve had a 20+ pound increase in my Power Clean in 4 – weeks WHILE dropping my body fat.

Nathan Holiday had a 25+ pound increase in HPC from 315# – 340# in 6 weeks.

This stuff works.

It’s easy… you get 20% off by registering for a mere $79 and becoming a distributor… so when you go to my page… look  for HOW TO BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR link… it’s on my microsite top nav, far right link.

There are NO monthly minimums.

The bigger your initial order is the deeper your discount.

If you want to be a business builder order $3,000 worth of product initially.

That $3,000 will get you an instant 30% discount so you’ll spend only $2,100.

You can eventually move to a 40% discount.

You’ll also get EXTRA coaching by being invited to Burch’s private Facebook Group the ICONOCLASTS.

Here’s the link :

NOTE: you may go to my micro site. Ms. Awesome’s or a SME’s micro site… It doesn’t matter as long as you register from the link I provide.

Here’s the link again:

Skeptical? Cool… just order either the Spark or Nighttime recovery and test on yourself. Every person that I’ve had test it has had results nearly identical to mine.

WARNING: With the Nighttime Recovery you will get better REM sleep however you should expect really lucid dreams.





Gulf Management Systems is the preferred payment processor for  The Biz, and is proud to offer the most advantageous EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) processing options available to Affiliate Owners in the The BIZ Licensing ProgramGMS uses EFTs to streamline the collection of recurring payments, save time and money, and eliminate unnecessary bank fees while reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft.

With GMS and The Biz Tribe you get preferred merchant pricing that is unparalleled within the CrossFit® community, plus expert guidance on best practices for getting the most out of your athlete memberships.  Additionally, GMS can provide processing capabilities as a standalone service, or in conjunction with fitness management software.

Perks that are generally reserved for only the largest retail businesses are now at your fingertips through this strategic partnership: Interchange Pass-Through pricing, wholesale rates for PCI Compliance and Payment Gateways, and cost-effective ACH capabilities all translate to a healthier bottom line for your box and more convenience for your athletes.

GMS reporting tools allow you to monitor and reconcile your payment activity in a straightforward manner, leaving you with more time to focus on training.  The GMS support team is also available to serve you if you ever need friendly and professional assistance with managing your EFT payments and reports.

Setting up EFT capabilities with GMS is easy and takes about three to five business days.  The initial checklist of requirements is available if you’d like to get started – simply fax or upload your profile information to GMS, and a Payment Consultant will contact you to address any questions and expedite your EFT processing configuration.

GMS Contact Information:

Phone: 800-947-3156

Fax: 727-669-7344

Email: [email protected]




Zen Planner is an online membership management system that simplifies billing, scheduling, and communications for CrossFit® athletes all around the world.

We work closely with the CrossFit® community to deliver the best tools anywhere for managing and growing your business.  Your Zen Planner database was designed by other CrossFit® affiliates like you, and is a complete set of tools for running your business.

  • Track memberships and automate billing.
  • Online registration for events and appointment scheduling.
  • Collect class attendance and workout results.
  • Simplify communication with automated emails and text messages.

We’re always focused on making Zen Planner simple and easy to use, so you can jump in and get going without a long training period.

Access Zen Planner from anywhere you can get online — and from any device, including: your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Embed Zen Planner into your website or blog so members can access your calendar, make reservations, and pay bills online.

Zen Planner is priced automatically according to the size of your box, starting at $55/month for up to 50 active members.

The BIZ Tribe receives a 5% discount on each membership.

Getting started is easy — just visit to open a free 15-day trial account.


Originally based in South Florida, Joe & Jodi Kennedy have been in the embroidery & screenprinting business since 1995, owning & operating a wholesale embroidery shop, servicing large volume accounts across the United States and the Caribbean.

They moved north in 2005, reinvesting themselves in beautiful Wooster, Ohio, purchasing Expert T’s and growing that business to it’s own location on Beall Avenue, Downtown.

Continuing with their creative entrepreneurial spirit, they opened Pink Tomato Invitation Studio with colleagues Sam & Christy Hoffman and introduced Wooster Marketing Co., a promotional product distributor in August of 2011. 

With future plans of expansion, they opened a second Experts T’s location in Orrville, Ohio which was sold as a franchise concept store to Kevin & Monica Summers. Both stores are owner operated with a service first attitude. More locations are in the planning stages and will be announced soon!

Joe & Jodi have 3 boys, Joey 21, Thom 15 & Matt 7 and live in the Triway District.

In addition to running the three businesses, Joe coaches youth soccer, football and baseball. He is a member of the Wooster Elks and the Exchange Club while Jodi co-operates Wooster Marketing and Pink Tomato & volunteers her spare time with Quota International.