What you will learn in RAW: Primal Fitness Marketing

  • Discover a hidden market of clients for your box and learn how to get them into your gym

  • STOP "selling" and start creating buyers out of your leads - many more than you knew were out there

  • Discover how to build a fan base that will support you and send you business quicky

  • Use little or NO budget to conceive of and execute a new idea that can make you CA$H quickly

  • Test your idea BEFORE spending a dime building it.

  • Introduce a new brand or product into a marketplace and within weeks make money on it leading to an 8-10x ROI every year.

  • Get secret psychological tactics that get a person to TELL YOU how and what they want to buy

  • Find out how to trick Facebook into letting you USE THEM to build your client base and events for FREE

  • Learn the Spectacular Primal Trigger sequencing through all phases of marketing AND retention (psst Whisper, Tease, Pre-sell, Sell, Service, Upgrade)

  • Become THE local fitness celebrity (stealing the power from the “TV trainers” like Jillian Michaels and P90x) which will drive people to beg you to help them

HOLY SHITBALLS - After joining BIZ Mentoring, we grew more in 4 months than we did in 4 years, averaging 15% growth month over month. We also hit our $15K goal in April 2013, two months ahead of schedule..
Peter Haas
Peter Haas
CF Downtown Winston
Well John, it's official. We have just hit our biggest month ever!! In August!?!!? What's up with that? ....The month isn't even over yet.
Ryan Abush
Ryan Abush & Michelle Fallis
CF Newmarket Central
I’m gonna open in April (in a month from now) and thanks to your Launchgasm Founding Member Program, I'm at OVER 70 members already! People are coming out of the woodwork. I’ve done no marketing besides the Facebook Fanpage! 6 people even asked for jobs and 5 want to invest because they SEE the potential. Future looks bright!
Rick Jensen
Rick Jensen
Major, US Army


So you own a box and you want more clients.

Let me ask you…

Who is your competition?

CrossFit gyms that are popping up everywhere?

That shiny new box down the street?

Your trainers poaching staff to start their own boxes?

None of those is your competition.

Your competition, guys, is fucking chocolate.

It’s Easter Bunnies.



Getting drunk with your fucking friends

Your competition is not another CrossFit coach. It’s you, and it’s everything you’re not doing right now to light yourself on fire.

If you don’t have enough clients, it’s because you have not yet lit yourself on fire, guys. Once you light yourself on fire and people will come for miles to watch you burn.

How do I know that?

Because people know all the celebrity trainers’ names (idiotic personal trainers like Tracy Anderson and Jillian Michaels who don't know their fucking ass from a hole in the ground), but they don't know your name.

They live right down the street from you, but they don't know you fucking exist. That's the problem.

You have not been passionate enough to the people whose lives you could change if they just knew where to find you.

You’ve been holding back your personality.

But if I’m your next client, I don’t care if you feel like you’ll be making a fool of yourself if you start getting creative and loud on Facebook. I won’t give a shit because I’ll remember you.

That's the hardest thing in this day and age— to be remembered despite all the chatter and noise competing for everyone’s attention…

I never compare my business to other businesses; their success or failure is irrelevant.

You are your only competition.

8 months in, we are the most expensive gym in the area ($50 more per month for unlimited with 4 other gyms within 15 minutes of us), we are also the newest, and we just hit 110 members. We have 9 sponsors on board for the whole life challenge, and 62 players have signed up.
Daniel Rector
Daniel Rector
True Athletics
$50k in '09, $150k in '10, $207k in '11, over $300k in 2012. Almost there already. $350k in 2013. Boom!
Amy Crawford
Amy Crawford
CF Blacksburg
Chad and I were absolutely sinking personally and professionally one year ago. We had nothing else to give and were falling apart. One year into the BIZ program and it's a completely different story… We're energized again, motivated and actually starting to have a life again.
Gina Cross
Gina Cross
CF Long Beach
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Who is this John Burch dude?

I learned very early on, somewhere in my 3rd year in the Air Force, that I wanted to run a business.

It might have been my anti-authoritarian nature or my desire to build “something”. I’m not sure what the precise reason was, but I jumped in at the ripe old age of 20 years old.

My first business taught me a LOT… and the most important lessons came in the form of what I was doing wrong. Eventually, I learned and grew and sold that business to my first employee and it is still operating 20 years later.

I then spent several years being a hired gun, digging into the dark corners and reworking the operating procedures of multiple businesses. I found my niche was in small to mid size businesses that were great at what they did, but had lousy systems leading to structural problems.

Finding CrossFit® was a lark. I was working and surfing the internet (like most people—c’mon) when I saw Greg Amundson doing a WOD with 45 lb dumbbell thrusters and muscle ups – 21-15-9… and 6 and 1/2 minutes later he was a sweaty mess lying on the floor. I was hooked!

I went to the Crossfit® main site and watched NASTY GIRLS, which led me to the nearest Affiliate, CrossFit LA (then called Petranek Fitness). My first WOD handed me my ass. As I lay on the floor, half dead (don’t ask me the WOD, I can’t remember or blocked it out of my memory), I realized what I had stumbled upon. A movement on the cusp.

After transforming CrossFit LA from a struggling mom and pop gym to one of the world’s most successful boxes, I started consulting for other affiliates as well. Since 2008, I’ve worked with hundreds of affiliates. The best part of what I do is hearing an affiliate owner tell me that his or her dream of running a sustainable business only became a REALITY after s/he started using The BIZ tools.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the increasing grosses didn’t ALSO make me smile, but I prefer to look beyond the numbers to see the whole story; building a more effective and profitable business is what is going to lead a gym owner to a better life.

I finally joined The BIZ in 2011 at 90 clients and $12,000 gross/month. This month, I have 330 clients, $48,000 in gross, a full-time Associate, 4 part-time coaches, a year-round CF Kids program, a Boot Camp and a specialty program or event that makes an additional $3,000+ every other month. I also just qualified 3 individuals to Regionals and my affiliate's team came in 5th place in our Region. Am I killing it now? Yes! But only because I took that step to better myself and my business. My only regret is that I waited 8 months to join BIZ Mentoring. Drop me a line if you have any questions.
Dan Broughton
Dan Broughton
CF Woodbridge
My business went from about 9k per month to about 20k per month during my first go-round with The BIZ [in 2010]. In 2012 I got back into the mentoring program because I wanted to harden my implementation of The BIZ. Over the year I went from about 20k per month to a couple of months comfortably over 40k.
Amy Crawford
Teddy Kim
Twintown CF
One day I will be wearing my John Burch Made Me Cry T-shirt while counting a pile of money from a PR month.
Karen Candia
Karen Candia
CF Ocean Isle Beach.

"Are you serious right now? How is this only $34.95?"



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More About "The Burch"

Business consultant John Burch (aka “The Burch”) has mined his experience as a top ten global ranking martial artist and owner of successful martial arts schools to teach fitness business owners the truth behind the myths of running small businesses. Through the company he founded in 2008, The BIZ: Raise Your Game, John has been a trusted advisor to almost 4,000 CrossFit® affiliates worldwide.

John’s tough love advice and no-holds-barred style can be controversial, but with his unorthodox methods, The BIZ has generated over a billion dollars in additional revenue for its clients. RAW was born of John’s mission to bring his innovative and irreverent marketing tools to a broader group of gym owners who are passionate about fitness, but struggling to grow their clienteles.

John is an avid CrossFit® athlete who competed in the CrossFit Games in '08 and '09. You can follow The BIZ on FB and Twitter.

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