Recently, Burch was talking on a webinar

and it was mentioned that Dave and Allie Timm of

CrossFit® Credence are now making enough money


to buy a new house for their family, 

upgrade to a bigger car to fit their kids in comfortably, and open a second location…


This stuck with me.


In what other world would a business owner feel guilty for making money?

Why are box owners feeling guilty to raise their prices?

And, why do box owners get shamed for being profitable?


“What helped open Livia’s eyes was this realization. She said, “If I’m dying from hunger, I can’t help anyone.” – Derek Halpern


And she’s right.

Box owners are running a business… not a charity. If you want to grow that business you need to make sales and you need to stop apologizing for it.

On another call last week Burch decided we’re making shirts that say:

“There’s no sin in having a profitable box”.


We, at The BIZ, are PROUD of our gym owners who now get to GO ON VACATION, or buy a car, or pay off their taxes and eat a nice dinner!

We believe in lifting one another up in our successes.

Apparently, this is not a supported ideology amongst other boxes.

I’ve felt it myself while employed at a box: I’ve watched other owners “brag” that  “we are the CHEAPEST box in town.”

Well, my response to that kind of thinking is this: If you are a box owner who wants to say “we are the cheapest,” just stop reading now.


You are not our people.

You are not going to understand anything we write or anything else on our site…


Because we believe that box owners need to be BETTER at…



Are we globo gyms who want to offer $10/mo membership?

Fuck no.




We offer the BEST COACHING around.


And, let me ask you something…

When you’re talking to people about your box…

Are you key points price?


The transformations you’ve helped happen?

The PR’s your athletes have accomplished?

The top notch coaching you offer?


And where’s the fellowship among boxes?

We have it LIKE CRAZY among our clients.

They support one another to the EXTREME!

As they should.


We are in this together.

We’re all trying to live happy and successful lives.


This December, we’re bringing everyone together.

The entire community of box owners who support one another.. even HELP one another

have their dream vacation, buy a new car…

We’re all coming together in sunny Los Angeles on December 4th and 5th for a TWO-DAY BIZ Seminar with a special appearance from Kelly Starrett.


Click here to get your All-Access Pass and join us in California.

Tickets ARE LIMITED and Price Increases on Nov. 5th.




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