You might’ve seen a familiar face around this last week… And we wanted to let you hear all about it from the legend herself.

I’m Baaack!

Please allow me to introduce myself (sorry Mick!).  My name is Amy Crawford, sometimes formerly known as SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed).  More on that later …


I founded CrossFit® Blacksburg in October 2008, and thank the business gods I was introduced to John Burch and The BIZ the following Spring. See, I, like many who start a business with the seeds of passion and fervor, had absolutely no idea what I was doing.  Well, in some areas; my degree is in sports medicine, and I’ve been coaching and treating the injuries of athletes of varying levels (middle school to Olympians) since the early ‘90s.  I’d coached a high school football player to a 770# back squat, so I was very comfortable teaching an air squat.  

What I didn’t know I didn’t know when I started training folks in my garage was how to manage a business.  My hobby business was destined to languish, barely surviving and most definitely not thriving, and my ignorance was bliss … for a couple of months.

Enter The BIZ.

My husband and I attended a BIZ seminar at CFLA (yep, there were multiple-day on site seminars back in the day) in April ’08.  That was a game changer!

Over the months, leading in to years, CrossFit® Blacksburg grew – hard work, working the right things started to pay off.  In 2012 we were awarded The BIZ’s Most Improved gym, and in ’13 we shared The BIZ’s Business of the Year award with CrossFit® Long Beach.

Those years of implementing The BIZ’s principles, with lots of push back on my part, made me realize that I actually like the business side of things.  I had something to offer other affiliate owners.  I became a SME (subject matter expert) for The BIZ.

“Great Amy.  What does that have to do with me?”


I’ve been there!  There are few things, as far as running an affiliate, that I haven’t experienced.

Growing in a small, college town – check.

Training a staff, including three associates and a bench coach staff of 5 – check.

Managing the numbers, using them as both a windshield and a rearview mirror – check.

Building a business with a young family – check.

Dealing with staff, training them up, and letting them go when necessary – check.

The drama that some clients bring – check, and then some!

Surviving a deep-pocketed client starting an affiliate less than a half mile away, taking some clients with her – check.

Yep, I’ve been through a lot over the 7+ years of CFBB’s existence.

So, back to SWMBO … I’ve always had a no nonsense attitude.  Some say it’s too harsh – maybe so, but it has served me well over the years.  However now the only folks who can legitimately call me that are my daughters (and hubbie too!).  

See, I trained up my #1 and #2 associates so much, I sold the gym to them at the start of 2016.

Negotiating the sale of my mature business – check.

As a member of The BIZ team, I am here to help you!  As you can see, chances are there’s not much that I haven’t experienced and survived, and I am a resource for you, to help you navigate the sometimes rough seas of gym entrepreneurship.






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