10868227_10152993194403783_1066545683567473348_nWhat happens when 100 of your FAVORITE clients walk out  of your gym and into the competitor’s that you dislike most?

Ask yourself WHY?


WTF happened???

I tell people it happened here because I posted on FB that I was Christian (in so many words) and they hated me for it.

In reality it was actually because we were horrible leaders. We had no standard operating procedures, no dream building, no formal way of training new staff, no known progression for what was next on the mission plan. Really I could go on and on… and so could my staff.

The gloomy FUNK of failure absolutely filled my gym, we were broken and devestated. We succumbed to the gloom of hell and it oozed out of us in every conversation, every intro to CrossFit® that we conducted- we had lost all ambition and motivation for growing our business and changing lives- it was OVER.

To clarify, we were losing 8k every month and paying the staff out of what small savings that we had accumulated over the 3 years we had been “successful”.


Before I continue, you should know that today I am wrapping my 4 kids Christmas presents and running out of supplies because there are so many- Not bragging here, just honestly thankful we have gifts to give them this year.

Things have really turned around and if you want to pinpoint the change, we would tell you it was when John Burch decided to invest his time and energy into us and into our business. He took our quickly sinking ship and turned it into a successful place- results driven and a wonderful place to work!

Every single day we work on becoming better leaders, business owners and highly skilled humans in more than just exercise. We all know that CrossFit® HQ gives no help for passionate CrossFit® athletes who want to open a gym, they just want their money annually and wish you luck on the giant risk you take going forward. We are thankful for Burch and his team Maggie, Lizzy, Dana and Ryan.


After one solid year of hard work with Burch we can now say we have doubled the community at our box and its healthier than ever! Our gym is filled with… well whatever we decide that everyone should be feeling. Lets call this being the conductor of emotions- should they be excited? Satisfied? In the ZONE? We have enough control over the situation that they feel safe and taken care of when they are here.

While now we surely know what we should have done differently (and OMG do we wish we had! We miss the amazing staff and friends we lost in this painful learning process.) We want to know, what would you have done if you found yourself in the same dire situation?

Want some of our secrets? Start with signing up and offering these 3 programs: The World’s Best Boot Camp (this is where we gained our 200 new clients this year), Silver Nanos (our biggest retention program), and the Lean Machine: 30 Day Fat Loss Program.

All 3 of these dramatically increased the services we offer to our clients and in turn gave us, for the first time in a long time, a taste of financial stability doing exactly what we love. CrossFit®.




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