Kelly_Starrett_Post_0We’ve been getting a lot of questions…

Now that the Tribe is closed to new members..

What is the BIZ Team up to?




Well, we’re glad to announce after lots of asking from clients..

We’re bringing you THE SEMINAR OF THE YEAR!


Million Dollar Minds is coming to Los Angeles, CA

December 4-5th


Are you running out of space at your gym?

Here’s a secret: a Larger box is NOT a more profitable box.

It’s all about space management and there are at least 3 ways that you can use your space better.

We’ll be talking how to make EVERY SQUARE FOOT of your box MORE PROFITABLE!


….. I know you want the answers now..

but you are gonna have to wait until you’re in California in December.


And this is only about ¼ of what we will be covering.


And, we’re capping it at 70 people.

Which, you know.. is smaller than our normal live seminar.


First dibs go to Tribe Clients & WBBC Licensees NEXT WEEK

We’ll let you know if there are seats left for the public after Client Registration is done.

And even though tickets can’t be purchased yet to the seminar,

here’s what you can do now..

Book your flights to LA!


Wow, also just realized didn’t mention something pretty cool.

The one and only K Starr will be doing a hour a 90 minute workshop with us!


Don’t miss a chance to work with the mobility guru himself.

[Free with purchase of Seminar ticket!]


Here’s the link to get more information as it comes out..

Click going to for Quick Updates.


And current clients, you’ll be notified early next week to buy your tickets!


And.. if you’re not a client we expect this to sell out in house,

so it might be time to put yourself on the Tribe Wait List HERE.



P.S. What’s is gonna cost?

       WBBC Licensee = $99 & you get a +1

       Tribe Clients = $99 per person

       Non-Clients = $599




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