There is one CrossFit video that inspires more people to try CrossFit than any other. That video is Nasty Girls. What is so inspiring about Nasty Girls? At the surface, it’s Annie, it’s Eva T. and it’s Nicole. Had most of us ever seen women who had looked like them before CrossFit? As a sixteen-year-old girl watching Nasty Girls, I was blown away that women with muscle didn’t look “bulky.” They were/are beautiful, and I, and the rest of the CrossFit world, wanted to be just like them. At a deeper level, the story behind Nasty Girls makes its impact reach even further. We see their movements, their athleticism, and most importantly their heart and gusto and wonder. “Could I be like them? Do I have what it takes to do something like that?” And then we do our first WOD and realize that it’s attainable, but gonna take a heck of a lot of work to get there.

I spoke with four women who I consider to be The Nasty Girls of the CrossFit business world. These women aren’t just part of a

husband-wife duo, though they are wives, moms, sisters… and bad asses. One is the very woman BEHIND this groundbreaking video (who happens to be an affiliate owner too), another is making her name in the CrossFit fashion world, and the last two are affiliate owners, doing it big and holding their own at their affiliates in Arizona and Florida. The four women who breathe life into this series through their candor, their experiences, and their hearts are Lauren Glassman (yes THE Lauren Glassman) of Captain CrossFit, Sarah Wilson of Fashletics, Jennifer Walker of CrossFit Northwest Tucson, and Meghan Russell of CrossFit JAX.

What power do Nasty Girls possess? The three women in the Nasty Girls video have influence. We look at them and say, “I want to do what they’re doing.” Sarah said it best when she said the video chronicles “a progression and a journey to physical strength, but also mental strength.” It was the first video Meghan’s husband showed Meghan, to introduce her to CrossFit. She didn’t even know what the words “hang power clean” meant, but calls the video “historical and monumental to CrossFit.” She even sends the video to prospects interested in doing CrossFit at her box. Jennifer says the first time she saw it, she figured Annie, Eva T., and Nicole were 20-year-olds. Then she found out they WEREN’T 20 and she realized she could do what they were doing. “There are a bunch of cool CrossFit videos,” Jennifer says, “but that’s THE cool CrossFit video.”

And what does Lauren Glassman, co-founder of CrossFit, and the woman who programmed the workout, chose the song, got the girls together, and filmed the video have to say about it? When I asked, she laughed and replied, “I’m tickled people like it.”

The original Nasty Girls inspired many to pick up the phone and call their local affiliate. It’s what got John Burch to call Andy Petranek at CrossFit Los Angeles, and just think where most of our businesses would be had that fateful meeting never occured! And now so many more women, including these four Nasty Girls of business, are helping and inspiring the men and women of their communities to go above and beyond the norm to improve their lives.

In this four-part series, Lauren, Meghan, Jennifer and Sarah talk about what it means to be a woman – a Nasty Girl – in the CrossFit affiliate world. Just as Nicole does during the Nasty Girls video, stick it out until the very end for a surprise at the conclusion of the series.

I hope you’ll be just as inspired by these four women as I am. Up next… the role of the Nasty Girl and what it looks like to be a woman in the CrossFit business world.

Here’s the video if you’ve been under a rock :



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