bishopThe summer is oftentimes seen as the “slow months”. Most business owners  will agree and justify their lower numbers in June, July and August with…

“well it’s the summer, people are traveling, kids are out of school etc. This is to be expected. It will pick back up in September.”

Those are all great statements, except for the fact that they are only a reflection of YOU, the business owner.

You see, something happens to most people when the summer hits. I think it dates back to being a child. You look forward to summer all year long, and when it hits, as a child, most responsibilities go out the window and you don’t need to do anything but have fun. As we become adults, it seems that the same mentality follows us. While most of us are smart enough to not TOTALLY throw in the towel for the summer, the same mindset of “it’s summer, time for vacation and relaxation!” comes right back.

But guess what DOESN’T happen in the summer?

  • People’s goals don’t change
  • Their need to move better and get stronger doesn’t change
  • Their desire to lose weight doesn’t change
  • Their NEED to be in better HEALTH doesn’t change

Those are all still VERY REAL PROBLEMS for people in the summer.

But knowing HOW to still connect with your community and do business in the summer is often lost on people.

Next Tuesday, July 26th at 10am PST, Burch will give you clear cut ways to drive business through the rest of this summer and instead of dropping down during these “slow” months (like you usually do), you’ll actually find out how to INCREASE your revenue.

Join the event page HERE and mark your calendars. You DON’T want to miss this!

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