With the Tribe closing in 3 days we’re getting a little sentimental around the office.

As we’re looking back over the past years, we found some


quotes from clients that brought a few tears to our eyes.


From helping people open their box,

to maintaining a MILLION DOLLAR GYM..

Here are 5 of our favorite messages from BIZ Tribe Clients:



Well John, it’s official. We have just hit our biggest month ever!! In August!?!!? What’s up with at? ….The month isn’t even over yet.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! We are still kicking ass in our small 2000 square feet with all 250 members.

Not sure how we would have got to this point without your guidance.
$35K in a month seemed impossible before we met you…Now, it seems like just the start of bigger things to come.


Ryan Abush and Michelle Fallis

Owner, CrossFit Newmarket Central


I’ve gone through all of the materials in Launchgasm and found it to be extremely informative. I’ve talked to many CrossFit affiliates and with materials from The BIZ, I am about 85% complete with my preparations to open my own CrossFit gym.

I am looking forward to engrossing myself with The BIZ Kit Lite.

I like what you said about having the discipline and commitment to start your own business. I will tell you that after 23 years in the military and set to retire in the next couple of months, I am ready to take the plunge!

Thanks for all that you have done to help people like me get started. It will make this road a lot smoother and lessen the anxiety that comes with starting a business.

Rick Jensen

Major, US Army


Using the BIZ systems they opened their gym.. in their first year had 75 athletes and have now grown to a steady 165+.



Had a really helpful call with Burch today. I’ve got my business pretty dialed in at

this point over a million gross, a games team, full time staff.

Didn’t know if I was going to get a lot out of the call, but I was wrong!

Got some great but easy to follow info on keeping staff focused and tied into the

overall plan. I’m excited to put it to use. If you get a chance to be on a call take it

and listen.

Brandon Couden, CF Grandview



The BIZ Tribe has been instrumental in saving our business in extraordinary difficult times.

The challenges we’ve faced in our City of Christchurch after the 2011 Earthquakes have been substantial…

…Until we find a secure venue, our best steps forward are to focus on building the best team and best systems possible, until a venue (or venues) become available.

The BIZ Tribe is an incredible asset for doing just this.

The BIZ modules we’ve implemented so far have made an incredible difference.

We’ve only scratched the surface of the BIZ Modules wisdom.

I’m about to start working through them methodically to accelerate our uptake and implementation.

I just want to say thank you so much to the BIZ Team.

Winning the scholarship has saved our business and is giving us the tools to keep accelerating forward during difficult times.

-Chris Coxon


Chris & his team just signed up 25 NEW clients in ONE WEEKEND.



Scheduled 5 intros today… Daydreamed for awhile and

tried to figure out why these seem to come so easy for us and

honestly all I could figure was

The BIZ systems we have put in place have made our box run so smoothly that we have enough free time to encourage, train, support and affirm our staff…

which in turn has lit a fire under them to drive business, retain members, and create referrals. We stopped arguing with everything Burch told us to do sometime in the middle of this last year and have seen explosive growth. These guys know what they are talking about. Just do it.


-Allison Timm

Co-Owner, CrossFit Credence


And now, in August alone, Allie and her husband Dave grossed $72K.

Talk about progress..

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